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Ethan Walsh is the new city attorney, taking the position left by former City Attorney John Wallace, who retired earlier this year.

Photo by Margaret Burns

Walsh is new
city attorney

Staff writer

Ethan Walsh, a partner in the law firm Best, Best & Krieger in Sacramento, is no stranger to the law needs, requirements, and conflicts of cities and particularly Winters.
“Our firm has been an assistant to the previous city attorney, John Wallace,” said Walsh. “When additional expertise was needed, we were the backup. BB&K handles law issues for about 30 cities in California, including Davis. One of our strengths is representing local public agencies as general council. I, personally, have been involved in this area for about 15 years.
“As John Wallace was in the process of winding things down, I have been attending council and planning commission meetings in the past few months, getting to know the major players in Winters, and seeing how and where decisions are made.”
Walsh says he has always had a commitment to public service. He finds it fun to help communities build and change themselves, and realize how they want to structure themselves in terms of growth, both economic and physical.
“That is easier to do on a local level, and particularly in a smaller city,” says Walsh. “You can see real impact in a shorter time frame than it takes a larger metropolitan area to move. For example, the PG&E training facility project will make a huge difference to the face and the economy of Winters.” . . .


Montana Frey participates in the breaststroke during the July 19 swim meet at Bobbie Greenwood Pool.

Photo by Patti Jiminez

Water Warriors battle
Davis, Natomas

Special to the Express

The Davis Aqua Monsters and the Natomas Aqua Bears were welcomed by the Winters Water Warriors for a swim meet on July 19 at the Bobbie Greenwood Pool. 
All of our swimmers had great races representing all age groups. The Winters Water Warriors were well-represented with 110 kids. Davis had over 100 and Natomas had over 75 kids as well. The pool lanes were full on just about every stroke. 
In the Mixed 15-18 200 Free Co-ed relay, Justine Penzel, Montana Frey, Mikenna Sims and Brandon Freed were the only representation from all the teams in that age group. Their time was a 2:08.98. 
In the 9-10 boys 100 IM, Matthew Jurado finished in third place with a 1:41.90 and Marcus Lopez was fifth with a 1:57.82. Samantha Denofrio finished for the girls with a time of 2:09.35. Brooke Benson finished the 11-12 Girls 100 IM with a 1:29.85; Darian Lopez finished for the 11-12 boys placing third with a 1:35.20 and Dominic Rodriguez finished in fourth place with a 1:37.28 time. 
For the 13-14 girls 100 IM, Casey Cox took second with a time of 1:12.24 and Jules Jiminez wasn’t far behind in the third spot with 1:12.64. 
In the 15-18100 IM girls, Winters was the only team representing this age group. Sims took first, Frey was second and Justine Penzel placed third. Freed represented the boys with a second place finish time of 1:19.91. . . .





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