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Retirement works for some people

My permanent tenant has been retired for over a year now and is making the best of it. Her social calendar is pretty full and she is getting to know the grandchildren better than I do. We have a new grandson in Idaho that I haven’t seen and I’m planning a quick trip next month to see what he looks like before he starts walking. I’m hoping Lukas will be my inspiration to take more time off. I’m working on a plan to cut back at the office, but it shouldn’t be this hard to let go of the Express. Just to be honest, I’ve been working on this plan for years.
Sherri took off last week to watch the grandkids in Rippon while their parents partied in Las Vegas. Whatever happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas, but Laura and Rance did return home and so did Sherri. She lasted one day at home before she was off to a cult meeting (quilters) near the coast. She said it was chilly at night, which let me turn down the thermostat at the house without feeling guilty.
As you know, we like to travel and the hands of time don’t stop, and seem to be moving faster and faster each year. My goal is to take at least one nice vacation every year, with shorter trips to Santa Cruz, Tahoe, or Boise. Some years I meet that goal and some years life gets in the way of enjoying life. Our ex-tenants are more than willing to join us on our travels, as long as we are paying, which makes the adventures that much more enjoyable. As our family expanded to nine this year, I may have to keep working to pay for the extra seat on the plane, and in a few more years, an extra seat at a nice restaurant.
I was walking down First Street for the Fourth Friday celebration and was greeted by Joe Young, his brother, Rob, and sister, Diane, at the Abbey House Inn. The Youngs invited me to sit on the porch with them and we reminisced about growing up in Winters and the changes that we all experienced. There was some kind of Young family reunion taking place on Saturday and everyone was staying at the Inn except Bill. Rob lives in Davis and I see him too often, while Joe lives in Arizona and stops by at least once a year to say hello. I used to run into Bill, who lives in Stockton, when we were invited to Bob Graf’s birthday parties, but I heard that Bob is too old for parties these days and just sits around in his rocking chair watching grandchildren. Diane lives in Virginia and I see her every five years or so, usually at funerals. After they sold their family home on Russell Street, rumored to have housed four generations of Youngs, they have to find their own lodging when they come home to Winters.
When you think of old Winters families, the Youngs should come to mind. Their grandfather built the car bridge over Putah Creek that was just torn down. Their mother, Lavinia, was a force in building the Community Center. There were farmers in the family along with engineers. Growing up, Joe Young was legendary on the football field and he looks like he could still suit up today. We talked about concussions and wondered what the long term affects would be. We joked that maybe it is too late to be worried about sport injuries.
I’m not sure if there are any Young offspring left in Winters, but like a lot of pioneer families, they moved away for better jobs and opportunities. They asked if the new street (Young Street in the new subdivision) was named for their family, or the other Youngs in town, namely Corbin and Ernie. I assured them that the street was named for their family. The same thing I will tell Elizabeth, Frank, Bert, David, Nancy or Jan if they ask me.
Have a good week.