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It’s time to celebrate
the 3rd of July

We, the collective city residents, seem to be having problems getting anyone to shoot off our 4th of July fireworks. I miss Scotty Dozier and at times like these you realize just how much he did for the people of Winters. Without Scotty the city has lost its way with fireworks and is now planning to set off the city fireworks on the 3rd of July.
I’m sure by next year someone will figure out how to train someone to light our annual fireworks display. There is a question that is being asked about setting off the fireworks a day early. “What will happen to all the out of town people who come to see our fireworks and don’t know about the change of date?” The answer, of course, is that they should be reading the Winters Express.
There is enough social media and press coverage that most people will hear about the change and adjust their lives accordingly. For those that show up on Saturday evening, it will make for a good picture of people watching the night sky, wondering what happened to the fireworks. There are always a few people who set off their fireworks and leave a big mess. I always assume that they are the out of town visitors, so maybe this year we will find out who’s leaving their garbage on the street for others to pick up.
The date change may affect Little League and Swim Team sales of safe and sane fireworks, but hopefully their big sales day will be on the 3rd. Judging from past years, there will still be plenty of illegal fireworks flying over dry rooftops. We’ve been lucky that we haven’t lost a house or two over the years, but we have not escaped grass fires and suspected arsonists in recent times.
There are a few of us that may take advantage of the dual celebrations, but I’m not sure if I’m up to staying up past 10 o’clock two nights in a row. I know the dogs will be up both nights, either wagging their tails or hiding in the closet with their tails between their legs. We’ve had both kinds of dogs over the years, and have two new adopted dogs that will have to be observed to see how they behave.
There must be a ripple in the creek project because there appears to be a pause in the action. What might start out to be a 30 day delay usually turns out to be months, if not years. I am fascinated by people who want to leave the creek alone. It is like neighbors that park cars on their lawns and think it looks okay.
I like the look and access to the new creek and with the open areas around the old sewer ponds, the next stretch of the creek should have even better access. When Rich Marovich narrowed the creek bed it not only sped up the creek, but made it colder for different types of fish. I haven’t taken my grandson fishing in the creek, but I am curious as to what type of fish might be in there besides salmon.
Someone told me that sun fish, like perch and bluegill, are probably downstream in warmer water, but that there might be trout and an occasional bass in the creek. I’ll let you know when I find time to walk the banks with a pole in my hand. It will probably be Brett, the grandson, who actually catches something. I’m why they call it fishing, and Brett is why some people call it catching.
With all that is happening around the country and the world, Putah Creek is making the news, from television stations to the Sacramento Bee and other area newspapers. Some of the reporting is actually pretty good, but like they say, just spell our name right. As in, Winters, the place to be. Have I mentioned lately that we need a new Winters slogan?
Enjoy the 3rd of July.