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It doesn’t take much to get us excited

Give Bruce Guelden his due, when he comes up with an idea it’s a good one. Bruce has been around Winters long enough to be appointed to fill out unfinished city councilmen’s terms and has served on the planning commission off and on for years. He lives across from my father and has been known to lend a hand from time to time which is very appreciated. He can also be a pain . . .
His last good idea was the community garage sale which is held the Saturday before Mother’s Day each year. The community yard sale has become a staple for garage sale people and for those looking for bargains. I found a great lawn edger a few years ago and it still starts with two pulls every spring. If you run into Bruce, thank him for his yard sale idea and ask him how many years he has been putting it on.
I’m not sure where he got the idea to drop the Main Street Pocket Park’s piano, but there was a good sized crowd to watch with Matt Cowan using a giant fork lift to hoist the piano about 40 feet in the air before he dropped it on a target of pumpkins. He hit the pumpkins on his first attempt.
The event was hosted by four members of the Travis Air Force Base Band who demonstrated that the piano could still be played, with only a few keys not working. With the help of a trumpet, base fiddle and singer they gave quite a performance. Singing Patsy Cline’s “I Fall to Pieces” was well received.
Pianos don’t bounce, by the way, they just kind of implode with a deep rumble when they hit the ground. The noise is like someone banging the low notes on the piano with the high notes being drowned out, only a lot louder. Bruce has already started organizing next year’s event, and promises another piano in the park by Youth Day.
CHRISTMAS BASKETS The Winters Ministerial Association is again organizing a Christmas food give-away. A lot of the work is done by the First Baptist Church, Les Tildon, Jim Hyer and other un-named individuals and businesses.
I try to take a picture of the Lorenzo’s Market donation each year. I am always impressed with the amount of food that is given away each year, and this years goal is to supply 225 food baskets and turkeys to Winters families in need. That is a lot of families who exist from one check to the next and helping them out around the holidays should make everyone involved feel good about themselves and their community.
A few years ago I missed an opportunity to help a woman pay for some groceries because I was talking to someone in the line and wasn’t paying attention to what was going on at the register. She didn’t have enough money to pay for her few breakfast items and left with tears in her eyes. By the time Sherri and I had figured out what had happened it was too late to help her. I think of her, often, as I stand in line at the grocery store. It still bothers me that I had the chance to help someone and didn’t.
If you would like to help the Winters Ministerial Association, give Jim Hyer a call at 795-2034 and he will arrange to pick up your check.
Have a good week.