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Life is moving along
a little too fast

My life has been real busy lately, and I’m not sure why. We took a two week vacation to the Southeast in May, and our son, Robert, and his wife, Mandy, had their first child, our third grandchild, this month.
My father turned 97 on June 7, and all five of his children were here to help him celebrate the big event. I had a growth cut off my shoulder two weeks ago, and we just took our two older grandchildren to Santa Cruz for a long weekend. We celebrated Father’s Day and then Sherri left for Boise to help with the new baby, Lukas. Just a typical summer in the Wallace household.
I’m left taking care of our three dogs that support dog drug dealers and veterinarians like there’s no tomorrow. The kitchen counter has two sheets of paper with piles of medicines and instructions on when, how much, and which dog gets the pills, eye drops and gels. I’m not sure what we pay our dog-sitter when we travel, but it isn’t enough.
While visiting with my father, I noticed his lawn was dry and his plants were wilted. He told me that his sprinklers weren’t working, and when I checked them out there was a tripped circuit breaker. I reset the timer and gave each section 30 minutes of water. I’ll stop by later and see if the lawns are swamps, dry or just right.
When I got home I noticed that one of my irrigation pipes was leaking, bubbling up gallons of water and flowing down my walkway. This is the same spot where I fixed a broken pipe a few months ago that the grandkids and their cousins broke while using my front landscaping as a football field.
I’m not sure what I was thinking when I installed the pipes 35 years ago, but they weren’t installed with maintenance in mind and I went cheap and bought the thin wall plastic pipe. I’m not sure they even sell schedule 125 anymore. At least I know what I’ll be doing while Sherri is rocking Lukas to sleep.
On Sunday, I heard that my classmate, and sometime golfing buddy, Ruben Valencia had passed away. I heard from him last Thursday about his going to the hospital for a heart valve replacement and a couple of bypasses while they were in there. He claimed that it would help his golf game.
Something went wrong and Ruben didn’t make it. I was planning on stopping to see him last Monday and wish him a happy birthday, but my timing was off.
Godspeed, Ruben.