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The sun is out and Winters
is bursting at the seams, again

I’m not sure when I will stop being surprised at the people in Winters, but it won’t be anytime soon. The citizens of Winters have always been active in their community, whether it was founding the town in 1875 or starting to celebrate our youth with their own day, Youth Day, over 80 years ago. We continue to support our local school district and the business community. I’m not sure which support is more important to a community, but without great business leaders and active schools you can’t have a great community.
We have had our family feuds and some of them were pretty ugly. We’ve fought over growth, teachers, schools, city leaders, city fees and growth again. I can’t remember when Measure C was on the ballot, but the election wasn’t pretty. The healing started right away with the building of the Robert Leathers playground at City Park. Not many people living in Winters didn’t show up in some capacity to help.
There isn’t a community-dividing issue, that I know of, but there is a small group trying to build a new playground. If this new playground lasts as long as the last one, it well be here for not only your children, but grandchildren and maybe even great grandchildren. Get ready to help with fundraising and support them any way you can.
I remember helping with the Leathers playground and thinking that my children will love it. Now I take my grandchildren to the park when they come to visit. I’m sure you all have your own stories about the park and hopefully everyone gets behind the new park. There will be plenty of stories in the Express to give you a chance to help, both financially and with your labor.
If you see Mike Sebastian, say “thank you” for all the years he has helped run Youth Day. He is cutting back, I don’t think he can go cold turkey, and other people have been stepping up to keep Youth Day going. The parade may be hokey, but I wouldn’t want to miss it. The pancake breakfast and the events at the park are special, too. And, don’t forget to buy a duck for the floating duck race.
There are still a lot of backyard barbecues and mini-reunions held on Youth Day. It is something that makes Winters special. Now we have wineries and a brewery to go with our great restaurants. If you read the legals today, you will see someone is trying to open a distillery in the old Hawn and Feeney Building, or at least I think that is where they are trying to open.
The PG&E training facility is moving along, and I’m not sure that I want to put my neck out, but I think you will see the downtown hotel breaking ground before May 1. If they don’t, I’ll give every subscriber a free week of the Express.
The car show started this week, taking me by surprise, but it is getting harder and harder to keep up with all the good things that are going on in our community.
Enjoy the weather and have a good week.