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Plenty to be thankful for, and worried about

With all the angry talk bouncing around lately, we should all take a big breath and take a moment to remember how good our lives are. I know there are people who are suffering, some going through tough times, but most of us are enjoying a pretty good life, that won’t really change much because of what is going on in Washington, D.C.
For some of our residents, those without legal status, it is a wait and see period, wondering if enforcement/immigration policies will change. There may be some tough sledding ahead, but I’m not sure their feelings of insecurity will change all that much. There is a saying when you don’t think that it can get worse, it can, and often does. The waiting for a decision on immigration from Washington has been decades in the making and I fear that a knee jerk decision may become a nightmare for families living in our area.
I worry about talk of immigrant registries and of those that think the imprisonment of American citizens of Japanese descent was justified during WWII. That is scary no mater which side of the political spectrum you are on. Arresting people because they look different, or have a different religion is as un-American as you can get. If you think that a Muslim needs to be listed in some secret book and watched because of their dress, or religion, you need to take a good look in the mirror. What is your ancestry? German, Italian, Spanish, Catholic, Presbyterian, Republican, Democrat? Think about it. You may be next.
It would be great if everyone sat around their Thanksgiving table and said a prayer for their neighbors and those making political decisions. We should all remember that one thing that makes America great is when we help our neighbors and community live together in harmony. Pass the mashed potatoes and talk about how your friends and children are doing. Kick politics to the curb and see if everyone can get along for at least one day. What is the saying; take it one day at a time.
Getting along means not reacting, but when you hear people threatening your neighbors, it is easier said than done. I like the sign in Main Street Cellars, “No Politics.” It almost makes you want to go there just to get away from it all, or is that the dark beer talking?
Enjoy good friends and relatives this Thanksgiving, and hope for the best.