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Fire, fire everywhere

Just when I thought the fires were out, a towering bellow of smoke is back. I was driving back from Davis on Tuesday morning and couldn’t believe my eyes. On Sunday, my permanent tenant and I drove to Vacaville on Pleasants Valley Road. The black hills stretched for miles, but it wasn’t until we came home on Highway 505 that you could see just how far back into the hills the fire went. It is now even farther back and heading for Vacaville/Napa.
The original fire report said that no houses were lost, with one home suffering only minor damage, and one outbuilding burned. My hat is off to all the firemen and volunteers that are working on this fire. I don’t know if it was luck, people building defensible space around their homes or the fast action of fire departments, but a job well done.
When the Wragg Fire first started I commented that it was good that we had the only fire in the area. Every piece of equipment rushed to our aid and I’m sure made a big impact on our neighbors and friends. With several fires in the Sierras Cal Fire will be stretched pretty thin. Now we are on fire again. It might not be nice to say, but at least this fire won’t affect as many people that we know. Vacaville is now the staging area. It could be a long, hot summer.
Kudus to all those who worked on the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument. Our mayor, Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, represented Winters at the White House. We couldn’t have sent a better ambassador. I doubt that her feet have touched the ground, and may not for several weeks. Congratulations to everyone involved in this effort to conserve land for generations to come.
I can’t wait to see what the new national monument brings to Winters over the next 20 years. Maybe that will be our new slogan. “Winters, gateway to the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument.” A little long for the front page of the Express, but something I’ll be working on.
A couple of weeks ago I read the story about Sonia Cortes being appointed to the Yolo County Superior Court in the Sacramento Bee, but it wasn’t until someone sent me an email that I learned that she is a Winters High School graduate. Luckily Debra also knew she was a shining star from Winters when she ran the article on Her Honor in last week’s Express. Good things just keep happening to people from Winters.
With elections on the horizons, and politicians playing musical chairs because of term limits, there might be an opening on the Yolo County Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Cecilia has a nice ring to it.
Have a safe week.