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Recording TV shows is the way to go
We have a new cable television box that lets you record shows and then play them back at your leisure. I haven’t been very successful getting it to record the right station at the right time, but I’m working on it. I’ve discovered the best part about recording shows, you can skip the political ads.
With only two more weeks before the election, we won’t have to put up with the ads much longer. The mud slinging must work or they wouldn’t keep putting them on the air, but something has to change to stop the carnage. I don’t care how much money people have, or make, I would like to know how their decisions will affect me. If they want to spend money on the poor, just tell me up front and don’t tell me that their opponent is a sleazebag and no longer beats his wife and kids.
I love it when you hear politicians say they are for education and support our troops implying that their opponents don’t. I have yet to hear anyone who is against education or against our soldiers. They may be against our foreign policy and bureaucrats in Sacramento and Washington, but I don’t think they hate children or those in uniform.
I had a lively discussion about our local state assembly race between Bill Dodd and Charlie Schaupp last week. This is a friend that is left of left. It wasn’t that he was questioning my support for Bill Dodd, he just wanted to know if I thought he was liberal enough. I joked that he could always vote for Charlie Schaupp, a Republican from the Capay Valley.
I probably agree with almost everything Bill Dodd promotes. He was a Republican until 2012 when he switched to being a Democrat. There are people around town that think I’m a Republican, so maybe that is why I like him. Dodd is a businessman who leans to the left on social issues, but like most businessmen he is a fiscal conservative.
Charlie Schaupp brings his own experiences to the race and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if he won. He is an area farmer, retired marine and served on the Esparto School Board. He is both a fiscal and social conservative and has run several times in the past for an assembly seat. He says he is a Republican with principles that would put his conscience before party, which would be a breath of fresh air in Sacramento for either party.
We are lucky in this race, both candidates seem to be running on their own merits and not slamming each other, although there are a couple more weeks to go and plenty of time for my mailbox to get filled with dirt. I believe Bill Dodd will win and he will serve us well in the state assembly. He is knowledgeable about agriculture and water issues. He will represent parts of six counties, which will put a few miles on his car.
Napa and Davis are in this district and I can’t see them voting Republican. If you get a chance to meet Bill Dodd or Charlie Schaupp, ask them a question and see if they don’t listen before they answer. You won’t hear them bash their opponent instead of answering the question which is one of my pet peeves. It has happened to me in the past with politicians, and they don’t like it when I tell them what I think of people who try to smear others instead of running on their own qualities.
Have a good week.