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Changing times here in Winters

I’m not used to being asked questions by the Winters Express, but Debra has been asking a lot of questions lately about the hotel and she wants quotes. Like I know what is going on. I joke that if you want to keep up with Winters you need to sit at the farmer’s table at the café.
It has almost been a year since I started moving all the junk that had accumulated at 310 and 312 Railroad Avenue, to our new home at 13 Russell Street. Railroad Avenue was home for the Winters Express since the 1940s, and there was a lot of stuff that needed to be cleaned out. Of course, nothing was left behind, and I now find that I’m out of room at the old library. Where is a basement when you need one?
There are plans that seem to take forever coming together, while with other projects you wonder where the time went and who set this arbitrary deadline. With the Express it is pretty much the same every week. There are hectic times, like Youth Day or graduation, when the schedule gets stretched, but I often write that it is week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. If my father keeps going, he can claim century after century.
The hotel seemed to have hit a bump in the road with a toxic issue. The old dirt in the alley and around the fire department had a few problems. Mostly just from past uses and the fact that people used to burn their waste before there were garbage men to haul it off.
If I were a conservative, I would blame over zealous government bureaucracy and environmental wackos, for the problem, but since most people think that I’m the liberal press, I’ll just blame it on government regulations. When I vented to the hotel developers, they just shrugged and shook their heads, like they had been there before and would deal with it like they always do.
As the months went by I started to worry that a bump in the road had become a barrier to the project, but sure enough, the developers and the city just kept on moving forward, taking one problem at a time, and here we are at the end of the tunnel with bright light at the other end.
I was talking to Cole Ogando about the speed of projects in Winters, or the lack of speed I should say. He told me that when he wanted to expand the kitchen at Preserve, he had turned in his application for a permit, and was waiting for approval. By the time he got permission to expand, the city had approved the new Taco Bell, their developers had built it, and it was open for business. So things can move quickly when the stars are aligned.
Time will tell what Winters will look like in ten years, but it will be interesting to see the change with new people, new businesses and a place to park your relatives when they come to town. I can hardly wait, but then again, I might have plenty of time.
Have a good week.