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Finally, an election where
you can vote for someone

I’m sure there are people who have a presidential candidate that they can’t wait to vote for. It has been awhile since I have liked either the Republican or Democrat presidential candidates that show up on the ballot every four years. The Green party is looking better and better. I’m not the only one who holds his nose when I vote, and there is something wrong with that.
It is different in local elections. In Winters, we have three candidates running for two council seats. Wade Cowan is running for another term and there is an open seat, vacated by Woody Fridae, who decided he has spent enough time on the council. Bill Biasi and Jesse Loren are also running for a chance to represent us on the council.
You don’t have to hold your nose and vote for one of these candidates, you can actually vote for someone you like, or you think will do a good job. Isn’t that a refreshing thought — voting for someone and not having to vote against someone? In a perfect world, all elections would have competent people running, but that isn’t the world we live in.
I’ve made no secret that I have liked the decisions recent councils have made. We’ve been lucky in that all five members of the council seem to be honest, concerned citizens who try their best to do what is right for Winters. Not all cities can say that.
You get to vote for up to two of the three candidates for the Winters City Council, but you can vote for just one, if you would like. Read the candidates’ statements that were in the Express last week, and watch for coverage of the May 4 Candidate’s Night the Express is sponsoring. If you get to meet the candidates, ask questions that concern you about Winters. The more you know, the better you will feel about your vote. Looking at all the lawn signs around town, we should have a good turnout in June.
In statewide races, voting for Cecilia Aguiar-Curry is a slam-dunk. How often do you get to vote for someone you know, who is hard-working and has the people’s best interests at heart? Cecilia is running for a state assembly seat and needs all the help she can get. I’d like to see 100 percent of Winters voting for Cecilia, but I’ll be happy with 90 percent.
Cecilia’s district is huge, covering everything from Rohnet Park, Napa County, most of Yolo County, Clear Lake, Williams, and Dixon. I hope she has a good car to make sure she can drive all those miles to see her constituents without worry.
Bill Dodd, our current state assemblyman, is running for the state senate. He is a businessman who has a heart for social programs and knows water issues. It isn’t often that a politician’s beliefs line up with mine, but Bill Dodd’s do. I supported him when he ran for the state assembly and I’m supporting him in his race for state senator.
I wonder about politicians that spend too much time in Winters — we have too few voters to waste time here — but Bill made a point of stopping by and tasting the sausage at the Rotary Breakfast last Saturday. I’m sure there were other candidates who made an appearance on Youth Day but Bill and Cecilia came out to see how the sausage was being cooked. Maybe that isn’t enough to cause you to vote for them but it helps to know they care who’s working in the kitchen.
Have a good week.