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Out of touch with reality

I don’t like spending money, but plenty seems to go through my fingers every year. I’ve been involved in a few construction projects lately and am shocked at what things cost. Who would think that you would have to put up your first born just to put on a new roof or replace a garage door on your home?
We have added a room or two at the Winters Express over the years, and I remember thinking back then that I should become a contractor and make some real money. Then I took on a job of rebuilding an old house and decided that being a pressman wasn’t such a bad occupation, even if the pay wasn’t great. There are a lot of old pressmen but few old contractors still climbing under houses or on roofs.
After remodeling our kitchen and bathrooms years ago, I was thinking that the rest of the house was free. If you take the total you paid for your home, subtract what you paid to upgrade the kitchen and remodel the two bathrooms, you’ll come up with a total that equals what you paid for the house. I’m not sure why, but that is the way it works out.
When my neighbor Steve and I replaced our back yard fence a couple of months ago, it didn’t seem that expensive, but then, I was only paying for half the fence, and Steve did a lot of the work. I only have one more side yard fence to replace, but I have to wait for a new neighbor or the current owner to bring up the subject. I’m in no hurry, and how much can 80 feet of fence cost?
There is a rumor that the Express might be moving. I’m still not ready to make an announcement, but the thought of another construction project is both exhilarating and scary. Something new always gets my heart beating, but the unknown cost that comes with change puts a damper on things. Maybe doing the same thing week after week gets a little monotonous and new projects change that feeling to one of excitement and apprehension.
It is like being a kid and changing your football cleats for baseball spikes. You were looking forward to the new season, but changing sports often left you with butterflies in your stomach. Back then I had the right attitude; I wanted the ball hit to me so I could either make a great catch or throw out the runner. Or, if I was pitching, I wanted to see if I could fool the hitter with all of the junk that I threw. Having a great defense behind me helped, a lot. Fond memories.
Lately, I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to the challenge or excitement in the idea of starting something new. Winters is changing and I’m willing to go along for the ride. I’m just not sure if it is an inner tube ride on Putah Creek or a white water trip down the Colorado. Either one is fine with me, I just wish I knew which one it was going to be.
Stay tuned and have a good week.