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Where will we be in five, ten years?

That is the British collective we, meaning all of us living in Winters. I’ve been writing this column since 1983 and I wish I had a dollar for every time I wrote that Winters never changes. If the new PG&E Gas Operations and Technical Training Center opens as planned, we will see change like we’ve never experienced before.
In the past, the main worry in Winters was with residential growth. We’ve had spurts of rapid housing development and then periods of nothing. We’ll build a hundred homes or so and then stop on a dime. I don’t think we’ve built a subdivision in over 10 years and there aren’t any shovels in the ground now. All of our housing growth won’t compare to the commercial growth that could be coming our way. Hotels, more highway commercial, restaurants, healthcare facilities and credit unions are all in our future. And don’t forget, we have already given the green light for over 600 new homes and apartment units to the northwest.
There is a saying in our office, mainly for the world’s longest serving paperboy, whenever a big downtown project would be proposed, “I hope you live to see it.” I never thought I would live to see it either, but I think I just might be the one taking the pictures for the Express when a downtown hotel goes up.
Yes, there are plans for a downtown hotel, right on top of the Express buildings. As rumors spread about PG&E coming to Winters, I broached the subject with the Express staff that we might be moving. As they looked around at the interior of our buildings, the main questions was when, not even where to? Not that my feeling were hurt, but it took my father over a half a century to get the office into the shape that it is today. Replicating this look won’t be easy, but I’m sure that if we do move to new quarters, it won’t take long for the spiders and dust bunnies to find us. I hope we all live to see it.
Have a good week.