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The power of an earthquake party

If Winters can throw an earthquake party and bring an earthquake to the region, why can’t we throw a rain party and end this drought once and for all. I read where the Burning Man Festival was delayed a day this week because of heavy rain in the Nevada desert. If a bunch of old hippies can make it rain north of Reno in August, we should be able to bring some rain to Northern California in September.
As I was having my Sunday morning cup of coffee my permanent tenant came back from the gym and asked me if I had felt the earthquake. I said, what earthquake. She told me that it was the talk of her gym friends and that they had all felt the shaking. We had both slept right through it.
It was a long weekend, starting with setting up and taking down the Earthquake Festival, getting up early Saturday to watch the cutest kids in the world play soccer in Rippon, and then on to Bob Graf’s 70th birthday party and 30th annual wiffleball tournament, in rural Stockton. Sherri needed a rat for her classroom so we took the scenic way home, via Fairfield. I hope her students enjoy the rat, it made for a longer day, but I slept like a rock that evening.
I checked my phone Sunday morning and there was a text from Dave Fleming reporting that the Opera House was still standing (no cracks), along with the Buckhorn. There were follow up messages from the city that the dam was still holding back Lake Berryessa and that the new temporary bridge looked fine. It’s good to know someone was checking out our infrastructure.
As I was riding over to the golf course on Sunday morning with my playing partner, Woody, we were talking about the earthquake and he mentioned that Bobby Martinez had passed away. “Which Bobby Martinez?” Woody wasn’t sure, but I ran into someone at Fliers Club who asked me if Bobby was my age. He told me that it was our Bobby Martinez, who graduated two years ahead of me in my brother Jim’s class. It made for a sad round of golf.
If you wanted to know someone’s family tree, you could just ask Bobby. I can’t remember the names of my niece’s and nephew’s kids, but he knew everyone’s cousins and great nephews. He had a great memory for birthdays and was a great storyteller, a true friend.
I’m not sure that I ever saw Bobby without a smile on his face, especially when he was talking about his family. There were times he would just shake his head and groan when I brought up stories from our past, but he would add to the story like it happened yesterday.
Bobby was one of those people who knew everybody and everybody knew Bobby Martinez as a friend they could count on. A gentle bear of a man. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.