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Shopping locally makes
a lot of cents

I’ve been preaching shop local for decades now, and I’ll probably be standing on a soapbox on the corner of Railroad and Main when they come to carry me off. With the addition of a yogurt shop and a new general store, there won’t be a lot of reasons to leave town anymore. I’m just hoping someone will carry Levi’s 501s someday.
We were shopping at the JC Penny in Woodland last Sunday (for Levi’s) and I was thinking about how far Penny’s had come since they were located on Main Street, Woodland. They are in the County Fair Mall, which used to be the biggest shopping mall in the county. When the mall opened it took a lot of businesses from Main Street and when the new development on Road 102 and Highway 5 opened, it took a lot of businesses from the County Fair Mall. Fair is fair, I guess.
Winters has done a good job of maintaining our Downtown business district. As we add businesses along Grant Avenue, I would hope that we will also add more businesses to Main Street and along Railroad Avenue as well.
It brings a smile to my face every time the Oldest Paperboy in America says that he came to Winters because it was going to grow. While it is true that Winters has grown in population over the past 67 years since he got here, the business district has not kept up. There have been new housing projects over the years, but few major commercial buildings and a shrinking of shopping opportunities.
Whenever there were rumors of major commercial development coming to Winters, I would say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Well, I’m seeing it now. The approval of Burger King/ARCO should have been the first hint that something was changing in Winters. By the time Taco Bell opened, I knew that something was different and that major retail developers were looking at Winters as a place to expand.
There will always be those that don’t want anything to change, but nothing stays the same forever. Some of us remember Greenwood’s and CC Fell’s department stores and grocery stores that don’t exist anymore. The A & W that was a little ahead of its time closed in the early 1970s. When Maier’s TV and Appliance closed that was a real hit to Winters and when the Buckhorn stopped serving dinners in the 1970s, only a few people noticed. Main Street buildings were half full, if that. I don’t want to go back to those good old days.
Look at us now. Our downtown may be supported by wineries and restaurants, but there are stores where you can actually buy things. I was picking out something at the Clayground last week and I wasn’t the only one in the store. When I got home Sherri told me she was heading to the Clayground to pick up something and I had to show her my purchase to make sure she didn’t buy the same thing.
At the blood drive this week, one of the phlebotomists, blood taker is the common name, walked in with a blanket that she had just purchased on Main Street. She commented to her co-worker about how great our downtown is. The co-worker said she was headed downtown for her lunch break. I mentioned the yogurt shop and she gave me a big smile, as she poked in the needle. It only hurt for a little while.
As soon as everyone is finished with Thanksgiving, think about shopping small this Christmas. I know you can’t find everything you need in Winters, but there is a lot more here than you think.
Have a good week.