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Go Giants . . .

The Santa Clara 49ers’ season is almost over, while the San Francisco Giants have to win one more game to continue their march to the World Series. This is an even numbered year, the Giants won in 2010, 2012 and 2014, so this is their year, again.
The 49ers need new management and more help than is available. I don’t think God cares about them, either. It is pretty bad when you don’t know the names of the starting linemen, either on offense or defense. It might be a little too early to throw in the towel, but I think a few coaches are standing on the ledge deciding whether to jump or not.
The Giants have proven themselves to be among the best in baseball. Good players, good coaching and what appears to be good team chemistry. They are a little streaky, but they are playing well and have momentum on their side. Our Winters Warriors are looking forward to an easier schedule for the second half of their year, but I always have hope, and pride, in how they play.
I’ve been a King’s fan since 1985 and plan on attending a few games in Sacramento this year. I liked the original warehouse, where they played when they first moved here from Kansas City, and ARCO Arena where they played until this year. Their new downtown stadium is supposed to be state of the art, and with Vivek Ranadivé at the helm, it should be the best arena in the world. Ranadivé made his money by founding tech companies and then selling them.
Sir Paul McCartney is the opening act for the new Golden 1 Center this week. Golden 1 will be so high tech that it will tell you how long the bathroom lines are, where to park, and where the cheapest parking is located. They are talking about not having paper tickets, just phones and facial recognition. What I would really like while attending games, would be a direct line to the coach, so I can tell him how to do his job.
The Kings have been the worst, or close to the worst, professional basketball team for years now, but for some reason I always think that things will be different. The San Francisco Giants were mediocre for decades and look at them now. There is always next year, and for the Kings, this could be their year. You wonder how many years the Sacramento era Kings can go without a championship and right now all we want is a playoff game.
It could be worse; you could be a Cub’s fan. They haven’t won a World Series since 1908. There is no one alive in Chicago that can remember the Cubs winning a World Series. Kings fans have fared a little better. They won an NBA Champions in 1950-51. I was born in 1950, still consider myself as a youngster, so there is plenty of time for the Kings to put together a winning team in my lifetime. Did I mention that I’m an eternal optimist.
Speaking of winning. The Merchant’s Football Contest is well on the way, with the normal suspects taking home the weekly checks. If you want to try your luck, remember to turn in your entry by the following Wednesday of each week.
With a few hundredths of an inch of rain this week, watch for the annual rainfall contest in next week’s Express. If your sports teams can’t win, maybe you can.
Have a great week.