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First babies of the year?

Of all the contests that I promote, the hardest is the first baby of the year. I’ve changed the deadline to the end of January just to make sure that the first baby to walk into our office isn’t declared the winner. I’ve had years when I think there is a winner, only to be told that, “my baby was born first.” It gets ugly, quick. The year that I had already handed out the coupons was a memorable year. I was lucky that the merchants were kind enough to give me another batch of goodies for the “real” first baby.
Some years there is a baby born close to New Years Day, but there are times, like this year, when we don’t hear anything, and the days keep passing by. Last Monday, in walks a couple with twins. I kind of breathed a sigh of relief when I learned that the babies were born on Jan. 6. Early enough that I don’t think there will be a problem with this year’s contest. But you never know, do you?
If anyone deserves a few gifts from the local merchants it is parents that have twins. Twins aren’t as rare as I thought. When I looked up twin birth rates it turns out that there are a set of twins for every 30 births in the United States. Not knowing a lot of twins, I figured the rate at around 1 in 200, but now I’ll be looking for twins behind every tree.
At any rate, congratulations to the new parents, or any new parent for that matter. You’ll need all the good wishes that we can give you. The Winters School District also wishes you well, they can use the added students.
I HAVEN’T HEARD too many political commercials on the radio, yet, but it is still early. With the television coverage that The Donald is getting, he won’t have to spend too much of his own money to get the Republican nomination. Hillary is going to have to spend a fortune to convince people that she is a nice person and deserves to be president. I’m hoping that Michael Bloomberg decides to get into the race. There is nothing better for the economy than billionaires spending billions for a job that pays $400,000 a year.
It has been awhile since I have liked a president, especially while they were/are in office. I liked Jimmy Carter, but he is a much better ex-president than he was a president. I didn’t particularly like President H W Bush, but after watching his son, George W, and President Obama, George the First is looking pretty good. President Clinton got a lot done, but his infidelities are hard to overlook.
Watching the candidates, and it is getting harder and harder to watch them, makes me talk to myself. “With millions of people in the United States, this is the best group we can find to lead us?” Maybe it is because intelligent people are too smart to run for president of the United States. The pay isn’t great, the perks might be good, but who wants to work with a do nothing congress, world leaders that don’t get along and you have to deal with terrorists that want to kill everybody.
Think about who your friends would be if you were president. You would have to work with world leaders that you hoped would help protect the United States’ interest around the world. That would include China, Russia, Middle Eastern countries, and parts of Africa that I wouldn’t send a Marine to visit.
I always hope we get a president with common sense, one who can tell the truth, hires the best and brightest, knows where and when to send in our troops, and also knows when to send in the diplomats instead of our kids. That person might be in the current field of candidates that I see at the debates, or waiting in the wings for a chance to step forward and save us from ourselves, but so far, he is just a figment of my imagination.
Have a good week.