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It’s a drive-by column this week, because on column-writing day last week, I was busy celebrating my son’s 31st birthday.
Rather than slap together a new column, I decided to donate my space to commentary by Vicki Fletcher regarding the plight of unwanted cats in general, and black cats in particular.
My thanks to Tracy Rios of Turkovich Family Winery, Laura Ireland of Lester Farms Bakery and Carla Wroten of Steady Eddy’s for joining with me to promote black cat awareness this month.
Kids can enter the poster contest (deadline Oct. 10) and win a cupcake party for the winner’s classroom. Besides some treats, it’s a fun activity that shows kids that there are plenty of things to be afraid of in the world, but black cats aren’t one of them. And, if they learn that cats of all colors deserve equal love and kindness... maybe people too?
As for the other posters popping up all over town encouraging people to shop local — whoever is doing this is a little late to that party. We here at the Express have been banging the “shop local” drum for years, and when I was Chamber president, I was banging twice as hard.
I suspect whoever it is didn’t care about shopping local until it affected him/her. “What’s in it for everyone” should be how we roll, not “What’s in it for me.”
P.S. Somebody isn’t reading the Express.