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Change paints the ‘big picture’ for America

By Ed Dawkins,
This column will address today’s Big Picture America, in early 2016. Some would say it’s a mess beyond fixing, but let’s look at our history first, starting well before America was founded, all the way back to as far as we know. It seems that man’s intuitions, concepts and actions are deeply the same yet warped by change. Will these older instincts be too deep to allow any possible chance of human survival once technology gets far enough toward its zenith?
We have been told by our historians that understanding the oft-repeated past will help us through the many twists and turns of present and future relationships, religions and cultures. But we are not helped. Leaders always over-control until their subjects are pushed to revolution by their loss of liberty and cascading violence and fear. Empires may be huge and long lasting, but they always fail in the end, giving fertilizer to the next generation of empires and leaders. New leaders strengthen their positions until they overstep limits of human tolerance with their “anything goes” actions. Thus, the leaders (governments) go from things like socialism to communism or some other dreadful “ism”, then on to eventual failure. When science and technology move faster than our ability to morally assimilate them, civilization suffers. We are tribal people, ancestrally accustomed to smaller tribes. We falter with our huge societal numbers of people, all being force-fed and force-led by those ignorant of basic truths (lawyers, anyone?).
To paint the Big Picture, now – paint change! Both parties and most voters are shifting to the left (misled fear of a freer market and wanting more regulation by a hopeless government). I should be crying - but, with the constantly reported buffoonery of this election cycle, I have to laugh. Thank you, our lucky star, for the gift of humor.
Our mostly lawyer politicians are expert at raving over their sorry mis-conclusions but haven’t a clue about understanding actual science or even basic economics. Healthcare – ugh! As a physician I understand how the “Affordable Care” controlling will play out – badly!
One of my superhero cynics, H.L. Mencken, was right-on when he said in 1920, “As a democracy is perfected, the office of the president represents more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the great folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” Wow! Even with my Wow! I think there is a better word than “moron”. How about the phrase “out to lunch without a lunch basket”? I doubt if our younger generations have ever heard it before.
How about our candidates for president – and our ex, Obama?
Obama, with his presidential authority extremism is like Baby Bush on steroids, Additionally he has terribly handled the military exit from Afghanistan; has destroyed the good in America’s health plans – and much more. His recent comment to the Cuban leaders, in a professorial tone, “You know, there is not much difference between communism and capitalism“ – is astounding. Come on Barrack, you must know better than that. Ask my daughter-in-law, Yelena, for an opinion. She lived in Russia until age 20 and is now living in the US, in her mid 30’s). She will tell you about the lies about the US and the rest of the world – lies about everything, all shaped to the leaders’ uncaring desires. She’ll tell you about a complete loss of personal privacy, where you can’t even tell your children the truth or how you really feel, as they have been trained to report to their teachers and authorities. Get out of line and you just might go missing. The same if you object to the submission and fear forced on you. You must act as you are told to act, again and again – and so much more.
Trump, his fearless, loose-end ideology, ridiculous as it is unsustainable, an embryonic dictator, but – thank goodness – he has destroyed political and cultural and Washington DC “correct”. Hooray!
Hillary, Uggh! A government warlord, carrying on the Obama tradition. “Here’s to the America I and my power-government will make.” Forget it Hillary. If Trump doesn’t get there first to screw everything up, your dried up, carried on policies will destroy the democratic party with another such four years, just as – if he gets there first - Trump will have destroyed the republican party. Wait a minute. Both parties have already been destroyed by myth peddling, too many lawyers, too much power seeking, too much concealing, too many lies and promises, bad economic policies and continuing to prop up the Fed and its ways. An election year triples the destruction.
Sanders, Uggh! Uggh! More socialism leading to freebies for everyone on his favored list, production failure and economic collapse. Then what? WHAT? Somehow, we will muddle through this time. Again. My readers have already guessed what. I’ve stopped laughing!