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City named after
early businessman Theodore Winters

Theodore Winters, for whom the city of Winters was named, was described in an early issue of the Winters Advocate in 1876 as a "capitalist." The town was given the name of Winters after Mr. Winters donated 40 acres of land to the Vacaville and Clear Lake Railroad to start a town. D.P. Edwards also gave the town 40 acres...

The first Express came off the press in February of 1884
Edwin C. Rust was the founder of the Express, with the first issue coming off the press on February 1, 1884. Rust, who was formerly with the Solano Republican, came from a newspaper family and his father published a paper in Marysville called the Daily California Express...

John Reid Wolfskill, the area’s earliest American settler, 1842
"Remember, Youth, as you pass by, As you are now so once was I; As I am now so you must be, Prepare for death and eternity."
These cheerless words, etched in stone, are the legend left by John Reid Wolfskill, the pioneer of Solano County. He was the first English speaking man to settle in the area around what is now Winters. There, he worked, prospered, raised a large family, and died.
Born in 1804, John Reid Wolfskill was one of five brothers, all of whom eventually left their birthplace in Madison County, Kentucky to come west...



by Newton Wallace, January 2005

To the best of my memory and consulting the Express files, here is the business district when I assumed the job as publisher of the Winters Express.
Starting at Putah Creek on Railroad Avenue, D. E. "Pop" Streeter operated the service station where Biasi now has his auto repair business. Streeter also ran the service station where Pisani's Service is now located.
W.W. Stith and Son had the Chevrolet-Buick Agency in the half block building where the Irish Pub, Jeanne's Bookkeeping, Vista Resorts and Chuy's Taqueria are located. Lee Stith ran the business with help from his brother Oliver with his dad assisting.
Alice Lee Estepa ran the Greyhound Cafe next to the alley in the Buckhorn Building.