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Frozen yogurt shop opens
on downtown
Main Street

Express editor
When Tom and Phyllis Ramos brought their grandchildren, Cyrus Laughter and Audrey and Thomas Ramos, into The Scoop last Thursday, Nov. 6, not only did they get the very first frozen yogurt to be sold, they had the whole place to themselves.
Perched atop stools and digging in to their chilly treats, they were enjoying themselves far too much to talk with pesky reporters. Cyrus, however, did declare his frozen yogurt to be “yummy” and Thomas said it was “soft, cold and delicious.” Audrey was entirely too busy to offer commentary.
It didn’t take long before word got out that the new frozen yogurt shop was open and over the next couple days, the spot at 11 Main Street was jam packed with happy “fro-yo” lovers. Shop co-owner John Rodriguez says he couldn’t be more pleased.
“It has been overwhelming. I’m amazed. It’s been just great.”
Rodriguez and his wife Jean, both of Winters, along with Rick and Roxanne Kowalski of Walnut Creek, decided to give this new venture a try. Their idea for a frozen yogurt shop began six months ago, largely inspired by Rick and John’s own passion for fro-yo — both are regular customers at a shop in the Bay Area, near where they work as accountants. Both of them thought, “Why not Winters?”
Finding a spot for the new shop turned out to be a bit problematic, as the yogurt equipment needed more electrical power than most available commercial spots could offer, and the cost of putting in that power was prohibitive. The spot at 11 Main Street had that power already, and wasn’t being used by the Winters Chamber of Commerce/Winters Visitors Center. Following discussions with the property owner, the Chamber graciously moved to 312-A Railroad Avenue to clear the way for a new business on downtown Main Street.
Now that the doors are open and the yogurt is pouring, Jean says, with a big smile that she is “so excited” to have a business in downtown Winters. John agrees, and adds that he is “very proud to be here.”
“It’s a great community,” says John. “I’m happy to be here, and to provide another place for friends and families to come and socialize, and enjoy frozen yogurt. I hope it is a good addition to the downtown.”
He emphasizes that teenagers are welcome at The Scoop, and that the shop’s regular daily business hours of 12-9 p.m. will be extended on special evenings, such as after home football games.
Besides yogurt, which comes in plain, chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, and cake batter flavors, there is also a fruit sorbet available that is both fat and dairy free. A toppings bar has all sorts of goodies, from animal cookies and crushed candy to fresh fruit to make a fro-yo complete, and flavored syrups too. Fro-yo cups are sold at 45 cents per ounce. The manager of the new store is Gina Martin,
For more information, call the shop at 212-5038, or visit The Scoop’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.