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Arrest made
in rash of
rural thefts

Staff writer
In early morning hours, prior to daybreak on Wednesday, Jan. 7, a rural Winters resident heard a huge “ka-thump” from the direction of her kitchen. Her dogs were barking with “such an aggressive bark that I have never heard before.” She got up, groggily, went into the kitchen, looked out the window and saw a “black hoodie shining a flashlight at me.” He ran when he saw her. She called 911.
“The dispatcher was very good. She kept me on the line until two deputies got here,” she says. “The deputy said to me, ‘You’re the fifth person this morning,’” said the resident, who asked not to be identified.
Among other crimes on Jan. 7 was an attempted break-in by smashing a window of a residence southwest of Woodland. That home was previously completely vandalized while the owner was out of town over the Christmas holidays. At another site northeast of Winters, outbuildings and vehicles were totally trashed while the residents were sleeping.
This past Saturday, Jan. 17, two ATVs were stolen from Johnson Manufacturing on Kentucky Avenue in Woodland and driven to an area northeast of Winters, where the actions of two individuals on ATVs aroused suspicion amongst local residents, who called 911, and noted that one ATV ended up in a ditch and the driver stood cursing his companion, who had driven away. Both men were later arrested by Yolo County Sheriff’s deputies.
According to Lt. Louis Faille, Public Information Officer for the Yolo County Sheriff, it is not known if the arrested men are connected with the earlier burglaries or with the vandalism of USPS parcel boxes west of Winters on Saturday, Jan. 10. The sheriff’s office is continuing to investigate this possibility.
The arrested men were taken into custody. Louis Campos, 25, of Winters was charged with stealing an ATV and fleeing from a police officer. Love Davis, 27, also of Winters, was charged with stealing an ATV and with breaking into the Balfour Beatty business near Johnson Manufacturing. He had stolen property in his possession.
Winters Police Chief Sergio Gutierrez said that the Winters Police Department assisted the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department in setting up perimeters at the arrest site on Jan. 17 and also assisted in the search for the suspects.
Gutierrez added, “The Winters Police Department is also looking into whether they might be tied to any burglaries in Winters.”