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Reyherme hired as new Winters High School principal

Express editor
Winters High School students will start a brand new year on Aug. 10 with a brand new principal. Nicole Reyherme’s first day on the job was Monday, Aug. 18, and so far, she’s enthused about both the campus and the community.
“I’m really excited to be here and get to work with this community, and to get to hang out at some of the events in the community — now I have a good reason to go and be part of that,” says Reyherme, adding, “I’ve heard they have really good food at the Buckhorn” — something she’s looking forward to finding out for herself.
So far, with one day at her new job under her belt before stopping by the Express office, she says her reception in Winters has been “very welcoming.”
Her most recent position was serving as assistant principal at Rodriguez High School in Fairfield for two years. Prior to that, she held an assistant principal position in Walnut Creek after teaching 9-12th grade English at California High School in San Ramon.
Reyherme holds a bachelor’s degree in English from UC Davis, a teaching credential from the Fortune School of Education, a master’s degree in administration of justices and security from the University of Phoenix and an administrative credential from Cal State East Bay.
She says she “heard a lot of really good things about the community and the school” before applying for the job, and says, “I feel like I can help make a difference working at the high school. I love education and I love increasing the opportunities that students have, whether going the technical route or exploring options at junior college or going on to higher education.”
Reyherme says she supports offering students the entire spectrum of post-high school education, from entering the working world to vocational training to four-year college, and strives to help students define their goals.
“It’s important to have a strong educational community that can show you all your options and help you achieve those goals,” she says.
She is also supportive of vocational education and trade schools and notes that for some students, this route “can be something that keeps you coming to school and being interested in school” while at the same time, getting a well-rounded education.
“It’s important for all students to know what their options are, and I want to be able to help the students do whatever they want.”
She notes that a well-rounded education is key, because sometimes students change their minds and their goals, and having a solid educational foundation makes it easier to adjust their course.
Reyherme says she is particularly impressed with the availability of Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, which give students specific skills for going into certain fields. Winters High School students have access to CTE studies on campus now.
She also has strong ties with Solano Community College and is hoping to facilitate partnerships between the college and Winters High School. While working in Fairfield, she was the principal of the early college programs, which allowed students to attend junior college concurrently with high school, and graduate with AA degrees along with their diploma, and to have completed college units acceptable at four-year colleges.
“I’m proud to partner with Solano Community College,” she says, pointing out that she already has connections with Solano County supervisors and assistant deans at the college that she can bring to Winters. “I already have a solid foundation with them, and want to bring the partnership to Winters as well — to reach out and strengthen and continue that mission.”
According to correspondence from Winters Superintendent of Schools Todd Cutler, the school district received nine applications for the Winters High School principal position, following the resignation of Principal Paul Fawcett, who took a position in the Central Coast area in June.
The interview committee for the principal’s position was made up of representation from staff, parents, and community. The first round of interviews took place on July 6, and the final interviews on Tuesday July 12. The final interview consisted of representation from each department of the district, a site staff member, a principal, two school board members, a representative from the Selpa, and Cutler.
Cutler recommended Reyherme to the Winters School Board, which unanimously approved her for the position at a special school board meeting on July 14.
Reyherme lives in Vacaville with her husband, Franck, and their two children ages 4 and 2. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her children and likes taking them to parks and lakes and to “just be around water.” She also has two dogs and two cats.