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Where eyebrows
take shape

New salon, Perfect Eyebrows, offers
eyebrow shaping, hair removal, henna tattoos
Express editor
Anyone who has gotten frustrated trying to pluck their eyebrows into perfection can abandon the trial and error method, and put their brows in the hands of professionals. A new salon called Perfect Eyebrows opened at 102 Main Street this month, in the spot formerly occupied by Custom Cleaners, which moved to 184 East East Grant Avenue last year.
Shop owner Parmjeet “Pam” Kaur explains that she and her employee, Suvinder Ghuman, use the Indian technique of “threading,” rather than tweezers or wax. In addition to eyebrows, they do this threading technique to remove unwanted hair and fuzz on lips and chins, and even all over the face. Kaur points out that the threading technique is easier on the skin than wax, which can irritate and burn.
Kaur says with threading, she and Ghuman can create “a nice shape,” with perfect arches, using a pattern and then removing the unwanted hair around the pattern.
The shop also offers henna tattoos, which are done freehand with henna, a temporary stain that lasts two to three weeks. There is also jewelry available at the shop. Eyelash trimming will also be available soon.
The Winters salon is Kaur’s second. She has a shop by the same name in Dixon, where she has been doing business for three years.
An eyebrow shaping session costs $10, and hair removal from the chin or upper lip costs $6. Removal of hair all over the face costs $35. Kaur is offering a 10 percent discount for new customers.
Henna tattoos cost a minimum of $10, and the price goes up depending on the size.
Appointments are available, and walk-in customers are welcome. Perfect Eyebrows is open daily, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
For more information about Perfect Eyebrows, call (707) 624-9056.