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Water Warriors battle
Davis, Natomas

Special to the Express

The Davis Aqua Monsters and the Natomas Aqua Bears were welcomed by the Winters Water Warriors for a swim meet on July 19 at the Bobbie Greenwood Pool. 
All of our swimmers had great races representing all age groups. The Winters Water Warriors were well-represented with 110 kids. Davis had over 100 and Natomas had over 75 kids as well. The pool lanes were full on just about every stroke. 
In the Mixed 15-18 200 Free Co-ed relay, Justine Penzel, Montana Frey, Mikenna Sims and Brandon Freed were the only representation from all the teams in that age group. Their time was a 2:08.98. 
In the 9-10 boys 100 IM, Matthew Jurado finished in third place with a 1:41.90 and Marcus Lopez was fifth with a 1:57.82. Samantha Denofrio finished for the girls with a time of 2:09.35. Brooke Benson finished the 11-12 Girls 100 IM with a 1:29.85; Darian Lopez finished for the 11-12 boys placing third with a 1:35.20 and Dominic Rodriguez finished in fourth place with a 1:37.28 time. 
For the 13-14 girls 100 IM, Casey Cox took second with a time of 1:12.24 and Jules Jiminez wasn’t far behind in the third spot with 1:12.64. 
In the 15-18100 IM girls, Winters was the only team representing this age group. Sims took first, Frey was second and Justine Penzel placed third. Freed represented the boys with a second place finish time of 1:19.91. 
In the 7-8 100 Medley relay, Winters team of Emily Dodic, Mickayla Passantino, Madeline MacMahan and Kalyssa Grinbergs took second with a time of 1:18.98. The boys team of Colton Brown, Trevor Grinbergs, Isaac Lopez and Joel Barrera also took second with a time of 1:37.69. 
In the 9-10 age group for the 100 medley, the girls took fifth with Elle Palmer, Ensley Barbosa, Samantha Denofrio and Itzel Rodriguez with a time of 1:38.55. For the boys Marcus Lopez, Matthew Jurado, Montgomery MacMahon & Scott Brown took third with a 1:31.59 time. 
The 11-12 girls 200 Medley team was Brooke Benson, Jamina Jurado, Emilia Orosco and Sierra Denofrio with a fifth place finish time of 3:04.23 and the other girls team of Paige Davis, Emily Hoag, Maggie McCrary and Madison Duarte not far behind in sixth with a finish time of 3:04.35. 
The 13-14 girls 200 Medley took second with a team of Taylor Davis, Cox, Jiminez and Teagan Katleba-Gerstel with a time of 2:13.91. 
In the 6 and under girls 25 yard free, Isabella Rodriguez took fourth in 27.68 and Rachel Rominger took fifth in 28.43. Lane Brown took first for the boys with a time of 21.08 and Zachary Rodriguez took third with 23.16 as his finish time.
Mickayla Passantino at 16.07 took first and Madeline MacMahon at 16.11 took second in the 7-8 age for the girls in the 25 yard free. Trevor Grinbergs at 20.72 took seventh, while Brown at 21.04 took eighth for the boys. 
For the 9-10 25 free, Elle Palmer finished in the tenth spot for the girls with a time of 17.01 and Jurado took seventh with a 16.61 finish time. 
In the 11-12 50 free, McCrary finished seventh with her time of 32.28 and Lopez took seventh for the boys with a finish time of 37.03. 
For the girls 13-14 50 free, Cox took second with a 27.27 time and Jiminez took fourth with her time of 28.88. Angel Vital placed fifth in the same event with a time of 33.52. 
In the 15-18 50 free, Frey finished second with a 30.69 and Penzel finished third with a 33.22 time. Freed took second with a 29.44 finish time. 
Katie Rodriguez, with a time of 30.44, finished fourth for the 6 and under 25 back. Isabella Rodriguez was not far behind with a 32.23 sixth place finish. Lane Brown took first for the boys at 25.036 and Zachary Rodriguez was sixth with his time of 38.51. 
For the 7-8 25 back, Passantino at 20.95 placed fifth and Brown (22.81) finished in second place. 9-10 age group, Elle Palmer was in the tenth spot with a 22.94 time and MacMahon tied for the eighth spot with a 23.10 time. 
In the 11-12 50 back, McCrary represented the girls with an eighth place finish time of 40.81 and for the boys it was Dominic Rodriguez in third with his finish time of 46.62. The 13-14 girls Taylor Davis placed sixth with 36.22 and Angel Vital for the boys with a ninth place time of 43.44. 
The 7-8 50 free, back, Passantino placed third in 35.43 and Brown at 47.02 finished in second place. 9-10 age group, Palmer was in the twelfth spot with a 40.96 time and Jurado was sixth with a 37.87. 
In the 100 free, the 11-12 age group was represented by Madison Duarte who placed tenth in 1:20.09 for the girls. Darian Lopez placed sixth in 1:22.82 for the boys. For the 13-14 girls first place went to Cox with a time of 1:00.59. For the boys it was Angel Vital in seventh at 1:19.78. 15-18 it was Sims at 1:04.84 for the girls in first place and Freed at 1:10.96 in third for the boys. 
In the 6 and under 25 breast, Isabella Rodriguez took second at 37.09 for the girls and Lane Brown took first at 32.57 for the boys. Madeline MacMahon took third at 21.04 for the girls 7-8 age group and Trevor Grinbergs took seventh for the boys at 29.39. 
Jiminez placed second in 50 breast in 36.69 for the 13-14 girls, while Sims took first for the 15-18 girls at 40.50 in the 50 breast. 
Katie Rodriguez at 35.55 and Maci Dodic at 37.74 took second and third respectively for the six and under 25 fly for the girls. Lane Brown at 30.09 and Zachary Rodriguez at 30.65 took first and second respectively for the boys. Passantino at 16.71 took second and Isaac Lopez at 26.50 took sixth for the 7-8 25 fly. 9-10 girls was Lillian Wirth in 26.54 and Marcus Lopez at 23.92 for the boys. 
The 50 fly 11-12 girls was Maggie McCrary in ninth place with 42.12 as her time and for the boys was Dominic Rodriguez in second with a time of 49.44. 
The 100 free relay 6 and under mixed was Zachary Rodriguez, Chase Kovach, Katie Rodriguez and Isabella Rodriguez in second with a finish time of 2:01.65. 7-8 girls second place team was Passantino, Kalyssa Grinbergs, Emily Dodic and MacMahon with a finish time of 1:11.10. The boys team of Joel Barrera, Colton Brown, Lopez and Grinbergs took second with a 1:28.66 time.