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Winters Swim Team takes on Natomas

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It was another busy and successful weekend for the Winters Swim Team as they hosted Natomas on Saturday, July 18, at the Bobbie Greenwood Pool. Winters had somebody competing in all 85 events throughout the day and most of the time they were in the top five.
Starting the day was Logan Anello in the 6 and under 25 free kickboard with a second place finish. Mickayla Passantino took first place in the girls 9-10 100 IM. In the boys Grayson Roberts took first and Marcus Lopez was third. Ruben Valencia took first in the boys 11-12 100 IM with Diego Valencia placing third. Casey Cox took second in the girls 13-14 100 IM and Jacob Roberts took first in the boys. For the girls 15-18 100 IM Montana Frey took first, while Alec Matheson placed second in the boys.
In the girls 7-8 100 medley relay, Winters took second place with Amelia Doran, Bayla Garcia, Bella Jurado and Alexia Aceves. The boys team of Lane Brown, Zachary Rodriguez, Trevor Grinbergs and Sam McCary took first place. At the girls 9-10 level, Winters took third place with Yaritza Esquivel, Madeline MacMahon, Ashley Rodriguez and Aaliyah Bello. The Winters boys group of Roberts, Lopez, Dylan White and Kenneth Matheson took second place. In the boys 11-12 200 medley relay Winters took first and second with Garret Matheson, Tommy Guidici, Ruben Valencia and Eithyn Mello on the first place team while Dominic Rodriguez, Matt Jurado, Gamian Gutierrez and David Rivas were on the second place team. The girls 13-14 200 medley relay team placed second with Maggie McCrary, Cox, Taylor Davis and Marin Spalding teaming up.
In the girls 6 and
under 25 free, Maci Dodic took first place and Lena Passantino placed third. For the boys Chase Gibson took first, Cole Jordling was second and Harper Brown followed in third place. For the girls 7-8 25 free Bella Jurado placed first and Bayla Garcia followed at second place. Lane Brown won the boys with Zachary Rodriguez taking second and Jordan Wojan following at third. In the girls 9-10 25 free Emily Dodie placed first with Kalyssa Grinbers following at second and Samantha Denofrio taking third. Colton Brown won the boys group with Dylan White placing third.
For the boys 11-12 50 free, Ruben Valencia took first place, Diego Valencia took second and Darian Lopez was third. Taylor Davis won the girls 13-14 50 free and Jacob Roberts won the boys. Jules Jiminez won the 15-18 50 free with Montana Frey placing second and Gabi Jurado taking third. Alec Matheson won the boys and Ty Spalding was third.
Maci Dodic won the girls 6 and under 25-yard backstroke with Lena Passantino placing third. For the boys Chase Gibson took first place followed by Cole Jordling in second. In the boys 7-8 25-yard back Trevor Grinbergs placed first and Lane Brown placed second. In the girls 9-10 Madeline MacMahon took first, while in the boys group Grayson Roberts took first with Colton Brown placing second.
Ruben Valencia won the 11-12 50-yard backstroke and Dominic Rodriguez placed third. In the 13-14 boys group it was Jacob Roberts taking first place. Jiminez won the girls 15-18 group followed by Frey and in the boys Alec Matheson placed first.
Trevor Grinbergs won the boys 50 free with Lane Brown taking second and Zachary Rodriguez placing third. In the girls 9-10 50 free MacMahon took first and Mickayla Passantino was second. In the boys 9-10 Colton Brown took first place.
In the boys 11-12 100 free, Ruben Valencia took first and Dominic Rodriguez was second. Taylor Davis won the girls 13-14 group and Roberts won the boys. Frey took first in the girls 15-18 age group with Gabi Jurado placing second, while in the boys Matheson took second and Ty Spalding took third.
In the girls six and under 25 breaststroke, Maci Dodic placed second and Lena Passantino was third. Amelia Doran won the girls 7-8 25 yard breaststroke. Trevor Grinbergs won the boys group with Zachary Rodriguez placing second. MacMahon won the girls 9-10 group.
Diego Valencia took second place in the boys 11-12 50 yard breaststroke followed by Tommy Guidici at third. For the girls 13-14 group Maggie McCary placed third, Roberts won the boys group and in the 15-18 girls group Jiminez placed first, Casey Cox was second and Frey placed third.
In the girls six and under 25 fly, Maci Dodic took first with Lena Passantino taking second. Amelia Doran took third place in the girls 7-8 group. Trevor Grinbergs took second in the boys. MacMahon won the girls 9-10 with Emily Dodic took third. Grayson Roberts won the boys with Joel Barrera placing third.
In the 50 yard fly for the boys 11-12 group, Diego Valencia placed second and Garrett Matheson was third. For the girls 13-14 group Cox placed second and Taylor Davis was third.
In the mixed six and under 100 free relay, Winters team of Joseph Hawkins, Maci Dodic, Christopher Rodriguez and Lena Passantino placed second. For the girls 7-8 100 free relay Winters team of Ava Back, Isabella, Alexia Aceves and Amelia Doran took second place. The Winters 9-10 girls 100 free relay team of Lauren Back, Aaliyah Bello, Ava Skinner and Mickayla Passantino placed third, while the boys team of Grayson Roberts, Kenneth Matheson, John Rominger and Joel Barrera placed second. The boys 11-12 200 free relay team of Eithyn Mello, Damian Gutierrez, Tommy Guidici and Diego Valencia placed first and the second place team from Winters had Montgomery MacMahon, David Rivas, Matt Jurado and Dominc Rodriguez competing. The girls 13-14 age group took second with Nina Jurado, Maggie McCrary, Marin Spalding and Taylor Davis teaming up.