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Warriors already back on the football field

Warriors trade Gold Beach for Tahoe
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It seems like the Winters High School football program just finished their season but as the heat rolls in, the Warriors are making their way back onto the field and into the gym.
The Warriors have been working out since school ended and now they are getting ready for their annual camp. This year though, it unfortunately won’t be in cool Gold Beach, Oregon. But it will be in Lake Tahoe, so not a bad trade.
Due to some CIF rule changes, Winters along with everybody else, are not allowed to participate in full contact camps. So, the Warriors are headed to Lake Tahoe on Tuesday, June 23.
“Obviously we loved going to Gold Beach but since we are not allowed to participate in full contact team camps, we decided to go this route,” said head football coach Daniel Ward. “Coach Swift at Gold Beach was willing to make some changes for us but we had this opportunity so I thought we would try it out.
“We will put on full gear and practice in it — we just can’t do the full contact like before. The most important thing we want out of camp is the team building and bonding that is developed when you get away from the norm and are stuck together for a few days.”
Winters has been competing in passing league and will continue throughout the summer after they get back.