A Quick Opinion: How do you thank someone for saving your life?

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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charley Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

If you are Casey Stone, you serve them all lunch at the firehouse. There was a small ceremony last Friday thanking our local first responders, both our fire and ambulance personnel, with a “save.” Less than eight percent of people survive a cardiac event without some kind of disability or death. As Casey was barbecuing hamburgers, he seemed just fine, but he admitted to needing a little help with his memory.

In January, Casey had a cardiac episode, nice words for a heart attack. The stars lined up that day as his wife was home with him and called 911; fire personnel were standing by their engine when the call came in and were in the Stone’s kitchen within two minutes, followed by the ARM ambulance crew. They stabilized him and got him to a hospital where over the next week he flat lined, twice. Casey woke up 7 days later with no memory of what had happened to him. Fire Chief Brad Lopez called the save a “remarkable event,”

Some of us would like to believe that God was watching over him, others might say he was just lucky. Either way, Casey and his family are glade that he has a second chance. Casey doesn’t need to make changes in the way he lives his life because he is already one of the good guys. He has been active in schools and ag programs his whole life, making donations of jerky and other treats for fundraisers from his Yolo Land and Cattle Company.

I know that his family is still in shock and won’t welcome the publicity, but Winters is still a small town and most people already know what happened. Our fire department and ambulance service can always use a little good news, and I’m sure they appreciated the luncheon and awards ceremony. They all received a save pin to wear on their uniforms.

With all that is going on in the world, a little good news goes a long ways.

Have a good week.

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