A Quick Opinion: It is time to put Winters back in the 5th District where we belong

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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charley Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

Every 10 years, the county redraws its supervisor districts. There are five districts in Yolo County with equal numbers of residents in each one. Historically we have been in the 5th district. The 5th district covers most of Yolo County and includes all of Western Yolo County (except Winters) and the area north of Woodland.

Ten years ago, Don Saylor and a majority of supervisors voted against Duane Chamberlain, who represented Winters at the time, and moved us into the 2nd Supervisorial District (Don Saylor’s) that includes a narrow strip of land that takes in Winters and Davis. It is the smallest district in the county. Without Winters voters, Duane was defeated by a Woodland City Council member, leaving no rural vote on the Yolo County Board of Supervisors.

You will hear supervisors argue that they all watch out for the rural areas of the county, but that is just political B.S. Having a farmer represent you is far better than life-long politicians who live in cities like Davis, Woodland and West Sacramento. Before Duane’s 16 years on the board, we had Esparto area Frank Sieferman represent us, and a long time ago we had our own Bill Duncan on the Board of Supervisors.

In 2011, all of the rural communities were merged with larger cities, including Clarksburg that is now dominated by West Sacramento. It is time to put Winters back into the 5th district and give the rural residents a chance at having one voice on the Board of Supervisors.

One bright spot is that Don Saylor isn’t running for re-election. The chances of someone from Winters beating anyone from Davis is a long shot at best, but it is better than having no chance. Having someone from Western Yolo County, including Winters, beat someone from Woodland is another matter.

A quick note about my missing column last week. My permanent tenant and I watched our grandkids last week while our daughter and son-in-law flew back to Green Bay to attend a football game. This is an annual event, so I wasn’t too worried about using their computer to write my column. I always wait until the last minute to write, but as I was running out of time, I asked where the computer went? Silly me. There was an empty space where the computer used to be.

It is a new world we live in when you can’t find a computer with a keyboard. I didn’t want to write using one finger on my phone, so I took the week off. I guess you can call that a vacation, but next year I need to move my personal deadline up a week if I want to meet Crystal’s weekly deadline.

Have a good week.

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