A Quick Opinion: Life is good, just turn off the evening news

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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charley Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

As we start gathering in larger groups, the first thing people ask is: “How are you doing?” My response is: “It is a good time to be retired?” What I find interesting is that it isn’t just small talk, they really expect an answer. People are smiling again and it is great to be out and about. Some people are still wearing mask, but I’ve decided that I’m done with masks, unless a business insists on their customers wear one, I’m maskless.

I recently went to two funerals and everyone seemed glad to be able to attend. It was mentioned that this is the first time St. Anthony Parish Hall has been used in a couple of years. Even the hall seemed glad to be open, all clean and bright. I would like name tags on everyone, but I’m getting used to introducing myself to people that I haven’t seen in decades. Not that I have changed, but I don’t want to put them in an awkward situation of not knowing whom they are talking to.

What I find interesting is that the men are all grey, or bald, while the women still have their original hair color, or have turned into blonds. During COVID, some women did decide that they had enough with hairdressers and turned natural, a decision that I agree with. Maybe they had the time to let their hair grow out without having to be seen in public, or, maybe they thought that no one would recognize them while wearing a mask as their hair turned grey.

If you don’t think we have it made living in the United States, just watch a few minutes of the evening news. Our problems are all small compared to what is happening in Europe. Million of refugees are pouring out of Ukraine as the Russian military continues bombing civilian targets. Isn’t that the definition of a war crime? It looks a lot like films from WWII and Viet Nam. It is hard to believe that this is still happening in 2022.

Ukraine is fighting for their freedom and we sit here watching from the comfort of our easy chair. I’m not sure exactly how many arms we are sending to Ukraine, but I would like to think that we are emptying out our armories. It looks like the Ukrainian army is getting more and more supplies from around the world. From helmets to hand-held rockets, they can use all the help we can send them, short of troops on the ground.

I am having a problem with the world withholding war planes when the Ukrainians desperately need them. Maybe someone can explain to me the difference between sending armed drones, ammunition, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, or sending a few dozen fighter jets? I can see not sending our pilots over Ukraine, but why not let Ukrainian pilots fly a few donated fighter jets to defend their country?

It is proof that politicians are stupid when there are still a few that think Russia is justified in attacking Ukraine. If your politician is one of those that thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin is a genus, or thinks we need to stay neutral, you need to vote them out.

I have two choices to make. I’m can either double my blood pressure meds and take a few days off, or I can turn off the television. It is like a car wreck, I just can’t stop watching. To paraphrase President Kennedy, today we are all Ukrainians.

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