A Quick Opinion: Perfect stocking stuffers for people that have everything

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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charley Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

A few of us have been meeting for coffee for decades and we pride ourselves on solving anyone’s problems. Not our own problems but bring up a topic and we will come up with multiple solutions. We can help you with medical issues, family life, financial, political or even religious questions. When I was in college we called these exchanges “all you know about nothing.”

A recent conversation about COVID testing and Thanksgiving raised the question about what to do with unvaccinated relatives. I voted for exclusion, but others have decided to require a recent COVID test for everyone who shows up.

Maybe have instant COVID tests available at the door? “Perfect stocking stuffers,” was a quick response. It brought a few chuckles and we thought it was pretty funny, but a lot of us will be heading to a pharmacy to buy instant testing kits before Christmas.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not much of a shopper. If I need something I find a store that sells it, and I’m off to the races. Finding gifts for others is a struggle. I’ll wander the isles for hours looking for the perfect gift, or if there is a deadline, like a birthday or Christmas, any gift. I’ve found that Amazon is a nice place to shop, but sometimes the product doesn’t show up on time.

When I bought a moped for my permanent tenant for Mothers Day a few years ago, she thought I was joking. It turned into an awkward moment. She did use it to ride with Moms on Mopeds in the Youth Day Parade before she gave it to one of my nephews. You try being married for 46 years and coming up with unique gifts.

To solve some of my shopping problems, I decided that if you are over 18 you no longer are on my gift list, and those under 18 are likely to get a gift card to a store I think they might like. Under 10 and you are still on my shopping list, but your parents might not like what I pick out.

Doesn’t every kid need something that they can shoot at their siblings? One year my brother gave my grandchildren a nice Fender electric guitar with a portable amplifier. I thought it was a great gift, but our daughter, Laura, lost the cord to the amp after the first week.

There is a rule at our house that no Christmas decorations go up before Thanksgiving, but there is a neighbor that already has full blown Christmas lights shining bright. Maybe they are planning on being away at Thanksgiving and just wanted to get a head start on Christmas? I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt, but I’ll wait until this weekend to get the boxes out of the attic.

It is also time to put up your tractor decorations. I had great plans to have multiple tractors to display at the museum, but still only have the one Christmas themed tractor to bolt to the building. I would like to have one for the fall, hauling pumpkins, and one for springtime with flowers and fresh fruit. I may have to hire another artist to finish the project.

Enjoy the start of the holiday season and have a good week.

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