A Quick Opinion: The rain gods are shining on us

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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charley Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

We have enjoyed great weather for our tree lighting, tractor parade and craft fairs on Main Street. I’m not sure if anyone has anything planned from now until New Year’s Eve, but it had better be indoors. Even the temperature has been cooperating but, this week, it seems cold enough to snow.

The annual Rotary Christmas party was back on this year inside a new metal barn with propane heaters. I did worry about carbon monoxide when someone closed the double doors to warm up the place. I was watching the heaters thinking that if they started to flicker it was time to open the doors and let some oxygen in.

The hosts must worry about fire — think new metal barn — because there weren’t any real candles, just fake lights. The propane heaters were new with heat shields and provided plenty of heat, especially if you stood right in front of them.

It almost seems like we are getting back to normal and seeing everyone enjoying the party was nice. I usually get nervous and a little depressed around the holidays, and my birthday, but this year, so far so good. I can skip that kind of anxiety and I’ve even bought a couple of Christmas presents and it isn’t even Christmas Eve, yet.

Thank you to all that turned in a rainfall contest guess. I was disappointed last year with the small number of entries and the lack of rain. This year we had a nice number of entries and a quick glance looks like most guesses are in the 20 to 30 inch range. There are a couple of picks in the teens, but I think they will be out of the running, shortly.

There was a note thanking me for “bringing back the rainfall contest!” Maybe we just didn’t promote it well enough last year, but there was a rainfall contest. I have until July to find a few more gifts for the winner(s), but the Express is still on the hook for at least $100. There is a $25 bonus if you are a
subscriber. I hope Taylor wrote a check for last year’s winner and keeps agreeing to support this contest.

As I was walking in the rain on Sunday, I was thinking that I should have worn a better jacket, but then I looked up, spread my arms and decided that it was okay to get a little wet. My glasses needed cleaning anyway.

Have a good week.

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