A Quick Opinion: Who really won the Super Bowl last Sunday?

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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charley Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

If you believe that the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23 – 20, congratulations, you are in the majority of Americans. But what if you are a Republican and believe that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election? According to the Washington Post, only 21 percent of Republicans say Joe Biden’s victory was legitimate. It doesn’t matter what kind of facts you present to them, they just won’t change their minds.

Democrats aren’t much better. President Biden keeps telling us that inflation is “temporary,” and government spending and policies aren’t to blame for rising prices. Inflation is hitting seven percent, but no one in Washington is to blame. The trillions of dollars our government pushed into the economy, and still their domestic policies have nothing to do with our current financial situation.

What did government officials think would happen to the price of gasoline and natural gas if you stop building pipelines or allowing new oil exploration in the United States? Limiting the supply surely wouldn’t cause prices to rise at the pump. PG&E is telling us that natural gas prices are up 90 percent from last year, so don’t blame them for your gas bill doubling this winter.

I wish it were true that the Rams lost last Sunday. I don’t know any of the Rams players personally, but I don’t like any of them, or their fans. If a Ram player gets traded to the Raiders or the 49ers I may change my mind. When the Celtics traded Danny Ainge to the Kings, I decided that he may be a jerk, but he was now our jerk.

Health officials are lifting the indoor mask mandate this week in Yolo County and much of the state, which is good news. Healthcare officials aren’t supposed to be political, but it is getting harder and harder to follow their advice. COVID-19 was something new and trying to keep people safe was a challenge, but they kept changing the rules so often that people stopped having faith in them. They said to follow the science, but the science wasn’t consistent.

I’m still not confident that it is safe to be in large crowds without a mask. I’m not wearing a mask as often as I did two years ago when this virus was spreading and killing people. It is still spreading, but the death rate among vaccinated people is low, so I feel better about being in public places. I even shook a few hands this week, a habit that I will try to break, again.

Social media isn’t something I pay attention to, or use, but if someone can show me how it works, I would like to post that the San Francisco 49ers won last Sunday over the Kansas City Chiefs, 41-10. The game that was televised was just fake news. Just ask those that went to the game, that is, if there were any real fans in the stadium. How many followers would I get, or is it “likes”?

What is the new saying? “Believe half of what you see and nothing on the Internet?”

Have a good week.

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