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I was leaving St. Anthony Parish Hall last week and decided to try a shortcut to my home off Anderson Avenue. When Main Street was extended a few years ago we were promised that Anderson and Neimann would be connected when the new homes were built. The intersection is almost finished.

They have been building new homes, not to mention the new police and fire facility, but Anderson has been barricaded off for some reason. This hasn’t stopped people from moving the barricades and driving through anyway. When we walk our dog and watch the progress on the new homes, cars are always passing by, and an occasional police vehicle.

It may be my imagination, but I think we are getting less traffic on Anderson in the morning. Instead of getting the cars going both ways to school and back, we only get them going by once. Pulling out onto Anderson can be challenging in the early morning and right after lunchtime, but people are pretty good about letting you in, especially if you stick your front bumper into the intersection.

What made my decision to try the shortcut was that I hit a green light on Main Street. It was a straight shot to Anderson and it went as smoothly as I expected. Someone had already moved the barricade so I didn’t have to get out of my car. I now know why they put speed bumps on Anderson as there aren’t any stop signs and you can get moving pretty fast as you past the school. The bumps do their job and just in time for me to turn onto my street.

I haven’t tried Neimann Street, yet, but I would think that the people that live on that side of town have also experienced a reduction of traffic during school hours. Now that it is summer vacation, it calms down for a few months before the kids are once again chauffeured back and forth to school.

It will be interesting to see which route the 1,000 new homeowners take to get out of town. I’m predicting that Road 31 will be the road of choice and the intersection with County Road 93A will become a nightmare. Same with County Road 89 and 31 when our new neighbors are on their way home.

Our recent high school graduates will be starting down a new road where life won’t always be easy and they will have to start making decisions on their own. I’m hoping they are prepared for life’s lessons and their parents prepared them for the path they choose. They too will hit a few speed bumps and they will find roads without stop signs where they cruise alone feeling happy and carefree, just before a tire falls off.

It is the potholes in life that I worry about, and I’ve hit a few going faster than I should. Sometimes you learn where the potholes are and avoid them. There are other times you pay to have your car repaired or bandage your wounds.

Winters is constantly growing and maturing and sometimes we forget what got us to where we are today. With change comes new opportunities, but also potential problems. If you know a city councilman/women, talk to them about your concerns or your hope for the future.

If you see a teacher on the street, stop and say thank you for helping to raise our children. As the great Yogi Berra said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

Have a good week.


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