Wolfskill students recognized at School Board meeting

Graphic: Winters Express
Graphic: Winters Express

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“Have I mentioned I love my job?” lead teacher Matt Moran asked the Board of Trustees at the school board’s meeting on Thursday, March 21. Board members chuckled when he told them that they should, “get used to it.” Moran came to the meeting to recognize Wolfskill High School students Jacqueline Fernandez, Emma Beck, Xavier Lopez and Sarah Herrera. He classified these students as “shining stars” who represent a cross section of the current Wolfskill class. Because of the school’s recent transition to the Career Readiness Academy (CRA), some students are set to graduate under the old guidelines, while others are going forward with the new. Fernandez, who was not present at the meeting, will one of the first CRA graduates. She is working at Buckhorn Catering to fulfil her work study requirements. Moran commended her on her writing, which has appeared in the Express in the past. Beck was recognized for her commitment to the program’s new teaching methods. Students are encouraged to take the initiative to expand on topics covered in class. After moles came up in a project, Beck took it upon herself to research the animals further. Moran said that eventually she was looking into other animals, like chimpanzees and dolphins. Lopez is meeting his work study requirements with a job at Nations Hamburgers. Moran hailed him as a new leader in the classroom, who will explain the assignment questions for other students and help them find the answer. Herrera is the program’s first intern. She had actually arranged the room where the school board meeting was held. “That’s kind of a scary thing, to be the first,” Moran said, before commending her on stepping up to the challenge. He described Herrera as an inquisitive and insightful student, who has “mad skills” as a fiction writer. Moran commended each of the students on buckling down to focus on reaching graduation. “They embraced their fates,” Moran said of the four. Addressing the trustees, Moran said, “After seeing these students, you may understand why I love my job.”  ]]>

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