115 Years Ago – June 21, 2018

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June 26, 1903 The County board of education’s report on scholarship of the 1903 graduates lists Morgan B La Rue, of Davis district, as top, with 94,58 percent: second place to Mary Vasey, of Winters, with a standing of 94.43 percent. Carroll Culton, of Winters, was sixth with 92.48 percent.

One of the prettiest cottages in town has just been completed on Abbey and East street for George R. Dalton.

Prof. W.A. Anderson arrived in Winters Thursday after an absence of two years. He has been serving in a government school work in the Philippines, being stationed about 400 miles from Manila.

Miss Lulu Guthrie returned Tuesday from a two weeks visit with friends at Point Reno on the Mendocino coast.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ish left Winters Thursday morning for Tonapah, Nevada, after a short visit at the home of A.B. Ish, a brother of Mr. Ish.

The first cured apricots for the season of 1903 were shipped last Saturday, the 20th by the Winters Dried Fruit Co.

Prof. F. E. Tuck has accepted the vice principal ship of the high school at Napa. Like everyone else is was a question of salary with Professor Tuck, and he cannot be blamed for looking after his own interests.

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