115 Years Ago – June 14th, 2018

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June 19, 1903 Following are the names of Winters pupils recommended for graduation diplomas by the county board of education William H. Bentley, Cars roll Culton, Teresa DeVils biss, Edith Overhouse Adrian Overhouse, Frank Paul, Walter McFall, Mary Vasey, Roy Wyatt, Herbert Young, Leonard Kieny.

At a meeting of the directors of the Bank of Winters last week, Wm. Sims was elected vice president, succeeding Henry Seaman, deceased. This vacated the office of secretary and W.H. Gregory was elected to that position.

Allie Ritchie and his young wife came over from Sacramento Saturday evening, returning Sunday. Many Winters people had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Mrs. Ritchie, whom they found to be a very attractive lady.

  1. A. Young and W.L. MCClure have put in an acetylene gas plant in their places of business. The gas machine is a new invention and makes a brilliant as well as economical light…

Mrs. August Brinck was noticed at the open air concert Saturday night with her family in an elegant new surry.

T.A. Sparks is constructing a telephone line to his house and will soon be connected with the long distance system.

Blanche McNeal went to San Francisco Saturday afternoon to take a teachers course in summer school.

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