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June 19, 1953 Alfred Graf, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Graf, will receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts in architecture at ceremonies to be held today at the University of California at Berkeley.

Pvt. John L. Fernandez has been assigned to Camp Roberts to begin his military training.

The Bureau of Reclamation will open bids for the construction of Monticello Dam at the City Hall on July 30.-

Miss Frances M. Martinez is in attendance this week at the tenth annual Girls State sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary.

Sixteen cars of apricots left for the east last night, making a total of 236 cars for the season. The total last year was 237 cars for the entire season.

Miss Carlyse Franke, who later this summer will become the bride of Gerald Lindahl, will be honored this evening at a bridal shower to be given by Miss Lona Cody, Miss Patty Murray, Mrs. Joe Franke and Mrs. Walter Skinner of Placerville.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wynes and family are on a two weeks’ vacation, with Frank Cousins of Oakland taking charge of the barber shop for the fortnight.

Mr. Dudley Sparks, who will be graduated from the University of California at Berkeley at exercises today, left early in the week for a trip to Mexico.

Mrs. Alva W. Boyce has returned from Claremont where she attended graduation exercises at Ponoma College, her daughter, Miss Barbara Boyce, being a member of the graduating class.

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