How I fell in love with Winters

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I wish I was a great writer like that Bing Crosby guy that wrote all the plays in medieval England. He would write stuff like, “We must polish the Polish furniture!” or “The bandage was wound around the wound!” Oh, and we can’t forget, “To be or not to be, that is the question?” My point is, the guy loved England like I love Winters. I’d be willing to bet that if he could have seen Winters he would have written stuff for the local newspaper, the Winters Express.

Well the fact of the matter is that the Winters Express wasn’t invented then but it is now so the burden of writing about Winters has pretty much fallen upon me and a few other writers. I guess they’re pretty good writers but not as good as me. They are called “Reporters” because they write about stuff that is reported but I, on the other hand, have to make everything up inside my big brain.

The other day they reported how the State was giving away free money and yes I’m gonna get me some of that; but that’s a different story and I’ll get into that at a later time. The thing I want to talk about now is how happy I am and how I came to fall in love with the town of Winters and everyone in it.

I guess it was about 30 or 35 years ago when I first set eyes upon the town of Winters. It was love at first sight. There was a baseball field right in the center of town where I think, they play baseball. They had a gas station called “Pisani’s” and a store they called, “the Market.”I remember thinking, “Hey I wonder if they sell hamburgers here?”

Well, as a matter of fact they did and you could get them right across the street from Pisani’s! It turned out that it was the best hamburger I ever ate. Anyway, that burger place is not there anymore because they tore it down and put in the town’s first stoplight that cost like 10 million dollars. It’s a nice light though. It has little green arrows that flash when you can turn left. You can turn right anytime after you come to a stop.

I guess the story of how I came to Winters is sort of the same story that Theodore Winters had when he founded the town of Winters about 500 years ago. I think they called him Teddy but I don’t know why he named the town Winters. I’m pretty sure that what he loved about Winters was the fact that there was no stop lights or round-a-bouts. Anyway, after that the town kept getting better and better.

So, about 30 generations later a guy named John Pickerel bought the Buckhorn Steak house and made it the best steakhouse in the world. That right there was the beginning of my love affair with this town. I don’t know exactly what happened or how, but I couldn’t think about nothing else by those steaks! I’m thinking about one right now!

After that I fell in love with the creek that runs through town. Then I fell in love with the people that were cleaning up the creek. Pretty soon I was falling in love with all the city workers that take care of everybody else in town. After that I couldn’t stop it and I fell in love with everybody I met and some of them didn’t hate me. I love the bridges, the streets, the dirt, and the sky.

Everywhere I go in this town I see people that I love and I remember those that have passed away and what they did and where they did it. I see Joe Tomlinson and Steve Shafer all the time for they are always with me. Now I see Martha Button who recently passed away and I didn’t even get to know her when she was living among us, but I love her just the same. She was a pilot so I see her flying around town all the time.

I see my kids Rick, Jennifer, and Joey running around like their heads were cut off doing things that kids do. They are all grown up now and moved away but I still see them playing in the dirt with their dirty hands. They offer me a mud pie so I act like I eat it but throw it behind my back, unseen.

I love my wife Therese because she loves me and she can see everything I see and Winters is our home and we will die here someday but you can always see us wandering around town because we will never leave except maybe for a while to stand in front of the Lord.


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