A planting guide for Winters

Start your summer garden soon.

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Pumpkins If you are planning on carving homegrown jack o’lanterns next fall, you can get a head start this month. Pumpkin seeds, which need warm soil to germinate, are not ready to be planted outside. If you want to start your seedlings now, they can be sowed indoors with the help of peat pots and some counter space. Make sure they never get cooler than 66 degrees. Bush snap beans and peas Make sure you have the space and the support trellises ready. Beets If you have a hankering to eat borscht in the fall, plant beets while the weather is still cool. Tomatoes For those who are brave enough to start tomatoes from seeds instead of seedlings, now is the time to get them in the ground. Cauliflower Cauliflower is actually in the mustard family, which includes other brassicas like kale, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Among the group, cauliflower is the most difficult to grow. They will be happier in the fall, but for the truly skilled they can be planted in the spring. Celery Now is the time to plant celery seeds indoors, but did you know that you can regrow grocery store celery? Cut the celery, leaving about two inches from the root. Place this in a shallow bowl with water and wait. Monitor the water. Once the celery sprouts a few leaves, it is ready to be replanted outside. Summer squash Summer squash is the staple of a summer garden. They can be quite prolific, so if you (and your friends, coworkers and mailperson) want to enjoy some summer squash, plant the seeds now.]]>

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