Aches and pains, wiggles and waggles

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blankThe 21st Century is a twilight zone and people’s minds are getting twisted by politics and sex. Its happening everywhere. I walked into WalMart the other day and asked the pharmacy department how the sexual harassment issues were going in the store and they all broke out laughing . I don’t understand!

I’m glad we live where we live though, on top of a hill with a 360-degree view at 6,300 feet above sea level. Monthly bills are paid from retirement and Social Security, and my wife of 53 years and I are enjoying the aches and pains of maturity.


Did you know that if you intended to hit the ball in golf with a waggle and nudged it off the tee,  then re-teed it,  you could be penalized two strokes for re-teeing it ?

If there was no intent during the waggle, then you may re-tee it at no cost to you.  But who determines how big a waggle can be before it is deemed a stroke? The rules state it’s the player who must make this determination —  not everyone else in your group or the rules committee, but the waggler themself. And that’s fair enough!

The game profoundly bases on absolute honesty but sometimes in the haste of a high stakes skin game, the waggle is overlooked and can be proven to be costly.

Sam Snead used to have a great waggle but his was more of a trigger move.

A waggle originates instead with a golfer who has a very bad habit of taking their practice swings just inches from the ball and accidently strikes it. In this case, the ball has not been fairly struck since there was no intention to hit it.

So, it appears that according to strict interpretation of the rules, the player should be allowed to re-tee it without penalty. It may be that in Foreplay, a distinction needs to be made between a practice swing and a waggle …  or a trigger move.

More on the trigger move next time !

Keep Swinging Easy.

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