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As long as she is still editor, I might as well get my two cents worth in.

Of course we’ll all miss her because she had the ability to make people’s blood boil. After Debra’s often antagonizing viewpoint, it was always a relief to turn to Charley’s as an antidote… at least he would stick to local topics, like the quality of our garbage service, while Debra would talk about things outside of Winters on the national level, which some us thought as being garbage too.

People I knew were refusing to read her column after they were exposed to her first sentence, but I was an exception. No matter how vocal she was, I still respected her… afraid of nothing! Seems like I admire Trump for the same thing — for being willing to tear into people’s views without thinking of the consequences.

So, it seems one of these consequences is that the Winters Express needs to be modified in the view of its new management. This won’t stop Debra… she’ll still be raising hell somewhere. Maybe she could start her own underground paper. Competition always seems to help. Make Winters Great Again. Make California Great Again. Make America Great Again. These are the words of you-know-who, but they could be Debra’s as well.

I once asked her if there was a way I could make some money writing, and she advised me to “quit writing and do something else.”

This suggestion wasn’t worthy of her. She’ll never quit writing! God bless Bernie Sanders and I.F. Stone and all the muckrakers that have ever existed, and Debra DeAngelo too.



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