Bill Biasi appointed new Mayor of Winters

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pro-tempore, a position similar to what a vice mayor would be in other communities. The move came following the swearing in of three council members, including Cowan, who recently secured their positions in the June 5 primary election (all three were incumbents and ran unopposed to fill three vacant seats, effectively making each seat a non-contested position). A motion by fellow council member Pierre Neu and a unanimous vote by the council was all it took for Biasi to secure his new role as mayor. Shortly after the appointment, Biasi prominently displayed a wooden name plate with his name and new position in front of his spot on the council board, suggesting that his appointment was pre-destined and that none of this was unexpected for the council. A similar name plate with Cowan’s name and new position was also created, though it was not positioned in front of him during the meeting. In an interview with the Express after the meeting, Biasi said it was tradition for the member with the most votes in the previous primary election to be appointed mayor pro-tempore and then move up to the position of mayor after two years. The council broke with tradition when current Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry was appointed mayor; she held the title until she renounced her seat to run for a position with the state legislature. When she resigned her seat, Biasi was second-in-command. He could have moved to the position of mayor, but felt he wasn’t ready for the role after serving on the council for less than two years. “I wanted to give myself a couple years of experience,” Biasi said. “I’ve done that, and I think I’ve learned a lot in the two years that I served as mayor pro (tempore), and I look forward to serving the city as mayor.” Cowan told the Express he’s confident in Biasi’s ability going forward as mayor. “I think he could have done it then,” Cowan said. “But he came from the planning commission, like I did, and I think that’s the best learning ground that we have for people who want to be on the council….it’s super, super helpful. Bill, having just got elected, he met with me and talked with me about it, told me how his feelings were, and I said it’s totally up to you, it’s your call.” When Biasi passed on the opportunity, Cowan took it up, in part because he wanted to continue seeing through projects that he and Aguiar-Curry had worked on during her time as mayor. Those projects included ones involving PG&E and the developers of a new hotel that is being erected in the city. “That was my main motivator for…being willing to take that position,” Cowan told the Express. “We were involved with that from Day One and went to every meeting.” Cowan’s position as mayor pro tempore comes after securing the most votes in the June 5 primary election against his two colleagues. If tradition holds true, in two years’ time, Cowan could once again serve as the mayor of the city. If he wants to.]]>

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