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Many residents that have been enjoying the pool this summer were surprised to discover that the Bobbie Greenwood Pool closed it’s doors for rec swim for the season this past weekend – almost two months earlier than usual! While it is routine for the pool to close for weekday rec swim once school begins, for the last couple of years that I have been a Winters resident, the pool has been open from 2-5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday until Oct. 1 and adult lap swim may continue beyond that date weather permitting. As the next eight weeks is going to be the hottest time of the year, it doesn’t make sense that our pool will be closed to residents on the weekends. Many of us that enjoy the use of our lovely pool, expressed shock and dismay at the decision and we do not know where to direct our concerns.

Our community has the unique situation of having a pool that is jointly utilized and operated by both the high school and the city of Winters, as opposed to our neighboring communities that have swimming pools that are primarily for recreation only and have a dedicated management and staff. For the short time that I have lived here I have never seen an adult at the pool during rec hours that is other than the lifeguarding staff, so most patrons are not sure who assumes responsibility for the management of the pool. I was so impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm that brought our community together to rebuild the park, that I had entertained a secret hope that a sliver of that enthusiasm would extend to the pool, and our lovely jewel could get a new lease on life, as she is now a vintage lady in need of a modest makeover.

I believe that Bobbie Greenwood, may God bless her, had a much grander vision than this. Our pool could really be the heart of the community with a little promotion and some programming. The apathy is disappointing, and now that we are back in school at the very zenith of summer heat, our pool will sit like an oasis in the desert, empty and deserted.

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