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The March 9 deadline for incumbents filing for the June ballot approached quickly and has passed. The races unopposed in our area are testament to the fine work of the people in those positions.

Congratulations to Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, who has the weight of running for office every two years while also doing a consummate job protecting and advocating for our area.  Running unopposed means we all benefit from her being allowed continued focus on the work at hand. Instead of having to meet and greet at hundreds of events, she can probably cut that down to 30. She is absolutely stunning to watch in her focus and ability to get stuff done for Winters, Yolo, Lake and Napa counties. Go Cecilia!

Congratulations to Supervisor Don Saylor who has been a committed and dogged advocate for Winters and District 2. I know Don is holding coffees and events, but it is good to know early that we can continue to count on his unwavering support.

Congratulations to Wade Cowan, Pierre Neu and Harold Anderson. Your collective committee work, knowledge and focus will all be needed for the big decisions ahead. Housing, development, funding sources, Winters General Plan update, Winters Senior Center and apartment, the sports park, and whether we should go down that road of seeking a bond to build the sports park — all of these things are big and will impact our residents. These are exciting times, but they are also times for commitment and service.

Big ol’ heartfelt congratulations to all of you.


Winters City Council

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