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It was Thursday last week, just after Valentine’s Day. We met for the Earlyact Club. Earlyact is sort of a Junior Rotary Club here at Waggoner Elementary School. We do projects to help our school and community. For example, we raised money for animal rescue after the big fires.

Everyone in the Earlyact Club was excited. We were going to sing to the senior citizens. We also took them Valentine’s Day cards that we worked on the week before. We lined up in front of Room 14 to walk over to St. Anthonys Parish Hall. We just had to walk across the field and through the gate.

When we got there, we said hello to the seniors. They were sitting at tables playing card games. They said hello back to us. We were not sure if they knew why we came because some of them looked surprised.

We went to one side of the room. One of our club members passed out the Valentine’s Day cards we made. Then we sang “Hooray for the World,” “Teaching Peace” and “This Land is Your Land.” We learned hand motions to each song.

After each song, they clapped. We felt amazing because we made them feel happy. They asked if we wanted a cookie. We lined up at the table and all had a cookie. They invited us to come back.

We talked about the experience back at the school with Mr. Fridae. Going to sing for the seniors reminded us about a book our teacher read called “How Full Is Your Bucket?” It’s about a little boy who has a little imaginary “happiness bucket” floating over his head. When people are mean to him, then the person who is mean and the little boy drip out happiness. But when people are nice to him, then the person that is nice and the little boy gets their bucket filled.

The lesson is that we should always try to fill people’s buckets with happiness so we all feel happy. When we sang to the seniors, it felt like we filled their buckets and our buckets too. We plan to go back to sing to the seniors again.

(Editors note: The writers of this story are all 8 years old.)

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