News Brief: Problematic sewage pump may cost city $30,000

A problematic sewage pump could cost city taxpayers more than $30,000, according to city officials.
The East Street pumping station. Satellite image via Google.

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according to a staff report published by city officials last week. The city said it recently became aware of a problem at the East Street Pump Station when a control panel showed a problem with pump number two, Winters Environmental Services Manager Carol Scianna said in the report. The pump was found to be faulty ahead of a maintenance period that the city had already scheduled. The maintenance was expedited due to the faulty pump, Scianna wrote. “During that work, it was discovered that Pump 2 was in need of repairs,” Scianna said. “The repairs will include replacing an impeller and volute as well as terminal claims and other components that are in poor condition.” Scianna said the pump is currently 10 years old. Replacing the pump would cost around $60,000; a much-cheaper option, and the one ultimately recommended, was to repair the pump at a cost not to exceed $33,400, Scianna wrote. The repair should extend the life of the pump anywhere from 5 to 10 years, Scianna said. An invoice prepared by Xylem Water Solutions showed the exact cost of repairing would be a little over $29,000 in parts as well as $2,000 in costs associated with labor and ancillary supplies for a total expense of around $31,000. That estimate cost did not include shipping costs or taxes. The invoice warned the cost could increase if additional problems are found during the repair. Xylem said it would notify city officials ahead of time if more problems are found that requires additional work. The council approved earmarking up to $33,000 in costs associated with repairing the pump]]>

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