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RE: On yard waste offenses, city officials debate root of problem I want to thank Jesse Loren for her input on the city council’s discussion regarding the yard waste issue. In the transition to water metering and increased water rates, the city was pushing homeowners to convert their yards from lawn to drip-irrigated low water use landscapes. However, these non-traditional drought tolerant landscapes require maintenance that is much different from typical weekly lawn mowing. Maintenance of non-lawn landscapes often creates large amounts of yard waste during the months that are only receiving a single monthly pickup. As I am writing this, my street currently has six green waste piles, which are actually being used communally. Although green waste pickup from the street is Monday, these piles have been there for almost three weeks without causing any major issues. It appears that our neighborhood has acknowledged that everyone is in need of the street space to discard green waste. Most of us have busy, full schedules that prevent us from conducting large summertime garden projects within the allotted seven days before an arbitrary pickup date dictated by the city and Waste Management. There is no garbage present or anything else “trashy” about our street. Just the image of a town that does not have regular bulk green waste pickup. Our city management was supporting sustainable landscapes during the water metering and rate increases but now they appear to want to penalize those that have converted their yards. I expect better from our city management. Bethany Gale]]>

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