Fire report, week of Jan. 18

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JAN. 4: 11:11 a.m., lift assist, 400 block of Baker Street

~8:45 p.m., medical aid, 600 block of Second Street

JAN. 6: 3:02 p.m., medical aid, Putah Creek and Railroad Avenue

JAN. 7: 1:43 a.m., medical aid, 1000 block of Suffolk Court

~5:13 p.m., fire alarm, 400 block of Morgan Street

~6:35 p.m., medical aid, CR 89

JAN. 8: 8:28 a.m., medical aid, 500 block of Main Street

~8:58 a.m., medical aid, 800 block of Mermod Place

~8:54 p.m., medical aid, 1000 block of Suffolk Court

JAN. 9: 9:41 a.m., medical aid, East Grant/Timber Crest Road

~10:43 p.m., investigation, CR 32A

~10:46 p.m., medical aid, 100 block of Wolfskill Street

JAN. 10: 10:34 a.m., medical aid, 300 block of East Street

~7:38 p.m., medical aid, 1st block of Baker Street

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