From the archives, 1911: Hack's Bakery burned out

Graphic: Winters Express
Graphic: Winters Express

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The clanging of the fire bell brought the fire department and citizens hastily to a crowd on Main Street at about 10:30 Wednesday morning. The fire was in Chris Hack’s bakery in the Cradwick building on the northside of Main Street. Mr. Hack had left the store which occupies the front of the building about 10 minutes before the outbreak of the fire and was in the barber’s chair. Little Walter Hack the 3 year old son was first to discover the flames and he ran into the back part of the shop and told his mother who ran to the street and gave the alarm of life. The fire company was quickly on hand but the front of the store was then a mass of flames. Effective work was done by the fighters and the fire extinguished before any damage was done other than the destruction of the shelving, counter and stock on the east side of the store. The plaster and windows and doors were broken and the stock and showcases damaged by the heat and water. The damage to the building is variously estimated but will be in the neighborhood of $200. The loss of stock Mr. Hack estimates at about $300 to $400. The counters and part of the shelving belonged to Mr. Cradwick. Mr. Hack had no insurance. Mr. Cradwick will recover his loss for his property is covered by insurance. It is fortunate that the fire broke out in the day time for had it been allowed any start it would have been hard to have gotten under control as the story above consists of the rooms of the Henrich lodging house and there is also a basement Mr. Hack used for storage purposes and where his baking oven is located. Again the fire department proved its worth and efficiency. The desirability for the independent power line to water works was apparent. While there might not have been any danger in fighting this fire while the power and lights were still on in the building the next fire might not be so. A hasty construction of this independent line is very desirable.]]>

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