Good guys with guns don’t need to worry so much

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By TERRI CONNETT/iPinion Syndicate

Dear good guy with a gun,


Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is coming for your guns.

If you are mentally stable, safe, responsible, law-abiding, and AWOL from the no-fly list — lock and load pal.

We. Don’t. Care.

Somehow the gun manufacturers and their hobby lobby gang, the National Rifle Association, have made you believe we equate you with the bad guys with guns.

Not true.

But just like glockwork, after every mass shooting, you buy more firearms and make a battle plan for the shootout with your government when they come for your guns.

Look, if the Centers for Disease Control tried to shut down the sale of potato chips to keep my healthcare costs down, I get it, I’d stockpile away! But then I’d eat them all. One crunchy family size bag after another. Until they were gone.

The guns you already own aren’t going anywhere. The bullet/potato chip analogy does, however, make sense to me. So I’ll give you that one.

But you do see that the gun manufacturers are the only ones who benefit when mass shootings trigger (sorry) an uptick in gun purchases. Right?

We don’t think you’re stupid or gullible. Just maybe, a little… oh what’s the word?


Listen, we’re not blaming you.

The National Rifle Association has become the most powerful, and masterful, mind-bender of our time.

Oh, they started out innocently enough. The NRA, according to Wikipedia, was founded in New York in 1871 after “Union Army records for the Civil War indicate(d) that its troops fired about 1,000 rifle shots for each Confederate hit.”

Dang! And that was the winning side.

The association was formed to teach rifle marksmanship. Eventually, the NRA “organized rifle clubs in more states. Additionally, many state National Guard organizations sought NRA advice to improve members’ marksmanship. The modern NRA continued to teach firearm competency and safety.”

And there’s not a thing wrong with that.

The problem is today’s NRA. It has morphed into a lobbying monster with unlimited dollars, unmatched gall and unbelievable control of our politicians. Their mission statement is simple; generate more cash for the gun industry, at all costs. Period.

Cross-eyed with the shakes? YOU get a gun!

Wife-beater with erectile issues? YOU get a gun!

Under-aged with anger issues? YOU get an AR-15!

This organization has no soul and no shame.

Their response to Sandy Hook, where 20 tiny children and six adults were massacred? The NRA called for armed guards in every school and blamed rap music, movies, and video games.

Their reaction, nearly six years later when 17 innocents were shot dead in Parkland, Florida? Well here’s Dana Loesch, NRA national spokesperson during her CPAC speech.

“Many in legacy media love mass shootings. You guys love it,” Loesch said. “Now I’m not saying that you love the tragedy. But I am saying that you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold to you and many in the legacy media.”

From the grave, Charlton Heston just whispered, “When that cold, bitch dies just bury her with her gun. Leave it.”

Eighty percent of gun owners, including you good guys, don’t belong to the NRA. So stop listening to them.

Ruby Ridge and Waco were tragic events from the early 1990s when our government attempted to force the ends of two hopeless stand-offs. Law enforcement and civilian lives were lost. But you’re no Randy Weaver or David Koresh. You’re a regular, good guy.

And you probably own more than one gun. Sixty-six percent of you have two or more. Twenty-nine percent own five or more. And then there’s the two gun owners in my family who own somewhere around the vicinity of a boatload.

But no judgement, because these are two really good guys.

And the only thing I like better than you good guys are the good gals! I could watch that heat-packing, good-girl mother-daughter duo taking down a robber in their liquor store in Tulsa over and over again.

If a bad guy was about to shoot me, I’d love a good guy there to save the day. Or feel safe in his home. Or take his kids target practicing. Or shoot rattlesnakes in the desert.

We are on your side, good guy. So free yourself. It’s okay to vote your conscience and block bad guys from getting guns. That has nothing to do with your right to not only keep your guns, but to buy more good guy guns. On your schedule, not theirs. It’s time to stop the NRA from holding you at gunpoint.

Terri Connett is a columnist for iPinion Syndicate, LLC



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