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When asked to write articles for the health and wellness section, I was honored and delighted. I thought, this will be so easy. For those of you that know me, you also know that I have plenty of stories that I like to share. However, as I sat down and really put thought into what “health and  wellness”; truly means, I became slightly overwhelmed by the vast amount of topics I wanted to cover and the desire to approach them from a very open and neutral perspective. Yesterday, I once again sat down with paper and pen in hand. I had so many ideas, I could choose to write about any number of topics; after all I am a Reiki Master Teacher, with plenty of experiences to share. Then I noticed I was blocked; unable to transfer these thoughts into words that would normally spill so effortlessly from pen onto paper. Several years ago, I would have sat there for hours until some words were forced upon the page before me. In more recent years, I have learned to not be so forceful in my behavior. This time, when these feelings of blockage came over me, I realized that I needed a source of inspiration, and that sitting within my small two bedroom Sacramento apartment was not it. I grabbed pen and paper and headed off to the local coffee shop. Nothing like a little fresh air and a good cup of joe to enhance one’s creative abilities. When I arrived, I grabbed a latte and a small fruit and cheese plate and made my way outside to a small table nestled in the shade away from the main stream of people. I took my shoes off and prepared my workspace. With everything neat and tidy, I was now ready to write, pen in hand. But once again no words would flow. Then all of a sudden, I heard the tiniest of cries coming towards me. I looked up and saw a lady in her early 40’s pushing a stroller, while carrying her crying infant in her arms. She finds shade and stops, begins to fumble through a diaper bag. I slowly walk over and introduce myself and asked if I could help in any way. She politely declined but then as she tried to juggle both her baby and the making of a bottle, she asked with extreme hesitation if I could hold her daughter. As she made the bottle, she kept looking at me, fearful of this stranger that now holds her tiny newborn daughter. She peers over at me and says, “Don’t make me chase you down.” I assured her she did not need to be concerned, that my youngest son is 16 and I am counting down the days until he moves out. Oh, how it will be a bittersweet day. We both laugh, she shares that her youngest was 16, before her daughter came along as a little surprise gift from the universe. I pass this beautiful precious child back to her mother, we thank one another and I walk off. As I walked back to my table I realized this would be my first “wellness” story; one of surrender and seva (selfless service), comparable to what we in the western world refer to as random acts of kindness. I sat there so focused on writing that the words would not come to me, but the very moment I surrendered to my surroundings and became present, the energy shifted and the words began to flow effortlessly. In allowing me to help her, she unknowingly helped me with something that I had struggled with for the past two days. I sit with amazement at the beautiful complexities of life and all of the intricate webs it weaves. I encourage each and every one of you to practice seva and remember to surrender and sit with whatever arises. Until next time, Namaste. A few ways to practice seva in your life: 1) Compliment a complete stranger 2) Pay for the coffee or toll for the person in line behind you 3) Stop and speak to a homeless person – let them know they are seen 4) Pick up random trash that you may come across on the street or at the park]]>

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