Heartbroken over the death of Eddy

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We are pet friendly at Steady Eddy’s and we believe that was made possible because of Eddy’s low-key nature. It is amazing to think that Eddy survived countless nights of wild animals, near the creek, out in the open, but he did it.

Recently, local favorite Gwen Pisani gifted us with a commissioned painting of Eddy from her artist friend. It was placed next to the new collage of Eddy pictures that Alexis, our employee created. We want Eddy to be remembered as the friendliest cat that brought a whole community to its knees.

Eddy was adored by children and I was told by a local that he was the first cat her daughter ever loved. Eddy taught us kindness, patience, and that sometimes the most special things are free.

Eddy passed away tragically on Monday, May 1, after Steady Eddy’s had been closed for an hour. At approximately 4 p.m., my staff asked the lady that was with her larger dog to please move so she could take down the umbrella.

The lady removed the dog’s leash from the patio railing momentarily, and within seconds he went chasing down the patio floor. She was heard saying, “He is probably going to get the kitty,” but it was described as more playful than panicked.

A few seconds later, there were loud sounds of animal screeching and it was too late. The dog had been in pursuit of poor Eddy and mauled him, and he had no defense. Our staff rushed a very injured and scared Eddy to the local MVP vet. When arriving to the vet, the doctor and team said Eddy was not going to make it. We were crushed. The lady with the dog had asked our staff if we needed anything, and our general manager, Capri Rivas, responded, “Pay the vet bill.” The lady with the dog said she would be right back, but never came back.

We are heartbroken that this dog hurt defenseless Eddy and we are hurt this lady never came forward to give us her name. We understand it was because she was scared and that has upset a lot of people. However, we are still asking her to step up and do the right thing.

We have the person that can identify her and that person is speaking directly with the sheriff’s office. I have given the information to him directly. We want her to please pay the vet bill at MVP Vet because we no longer have our beloved cat.

We also want to see a larger citation available for when a dog attacks, because he was not on his leash and the death of another animal is the result of that attack. Right now, the citation amount is minimal and we want to see that raised higher. We want to have more protection for our animals that are not violent that hang out on our porch, and other public porches and do nothing wrong.

Right now, we are looking at a pursuing a monetary fine with the owner. This dog should never be allowed to go out on a public porch ever again.

Please allow us owners to take the proper steps to handle this situation that happened at our shop with professionalism and care. We do not want a witch hunt for the owner of the dog, but we want her to be held accountable for her actions in a fair but serious manner. We are asking the community to allow us to handle the rest of this case from here. We are working with MVP Vet, the local Animal Control/Sheriff of Yolo County, and our staff to prevent this from ever happening again.

Thank you.







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