Highway 128 could receive "scenic highway" designation from state

California State Highway 128 could receive a special designation as a “scenic highway” under a bill introduced by lawmakers last month.
Graphic: Winters Express
Graphic: Winters Express

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Assembly Bill 998 would amend a portion of the state’s Streets and Highways Code to include Highway 128 as a scenic highway under a program established by lawmakers in 1963. That program limits the amount of land use, development and roadside advertising for areas running along an officially-designated scenic highway. It also requires city and county officials to “adopt ordinances, zoning and/or planning policies to preserve the scenic quality of” areas along the highway as part of an overall corridor protection program mandated through the state, according to information found on the Caltrans website. Aguiar-Curry’s bill is currently being reviewed by the Assembly’s Transportation Committee. If signed into law, it would make Highway 128 the first scenic highway in Yolo County. On Tuesday, Yolo County Supervisors were set to vote in favor of supporting Aguiar-Curry’s bill as part of a consent agenda at the Board of Supervisors meeting. News of the support effort was first reported last week by the Woodland Daily Democrat newspaper. Aguiar-Curry’s bill has three co-authors, including State Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Napa. Dodd’s district includes portions of Winters as well portions of Napa County that Highway 128 runs through.]]>

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