Hunt for the largest oak tree in Yolo County

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  • With a helper, using a cloth or fiberglass tape with a hook on the end, measure up 54 inches from the base of the tree.
  • Find a furrow in the bark and embed the hook on the end of the tape.
  • Keeping it snug, pull the tape all the way around the trunk, staying at the 54 inch line.
  • Note the measurement when you reach the hook again.
  • Divide by 3.14 (“pi”) and the resulting number will be the tree diameter.
  • Notes and Pointers:
    • If the tree has multiple trunks that divide below 54 inches, measure the circumference at the narrowest point above the base before the trunks branch out.
    • If the tree bends to one side, stand on a side of the tree in which the tree leans to your right or to your left.
    • Measure up along the truck to a point 54 inches from the ground along the trunk and perpendicular to the axis of the trunk. This will mean you won’t be measuring at 54 inches above the ground around the entire tree, but strive to measure at an average of 54 inches along the trunk from the ground.
    • Having a second person hold the beginning of the tape in place while the other person encircles the trunk will be helpful. This will be required if your tape measure doesn’t have a start hook to grasp the bark.

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