I claim they’re from Winters, even if they don’t


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I had the chance to see Jon Pardi in concert last week. He was the opening act for someone named Miranda Lambert. I’m still not sure why he was the undercard, but his time will come. This was our Christmas present to the California grandkids and their parents. Six seats in the upper deck at Golden 1 Center.

Jon put on quite the show. I knew almost all of his songs because my permanent tenant only listens to his music in her car on the way to Ripon, and back. If you want to know how long it takes to drive to Ripon, just listen to a Jon Pardi CD and when it starts to repeat, exit the freeway.

His songs are catchy and old school country and he sang most of the songs on his CD, which makes the experience that much better. I like country music, the twangier the better. I’ve played golf with his father, before he moved to Texas, and his mother, Shelly, was a few classes behind me growing up in Winters.

I’ll admit that I’m not much of a Miranda Lambert fan and the acoustics at Golden 1 Center are set up for a noisy basketball game, not for listening to loud country music. It was hard to understand the words to her songs, especially if you can’t sing along, like other people in the arena were doing. I’m sure many in attendance came to see Miranda Lambert, but the crowd cheered on Jon Pardi, especially when he mentioned that he grew up just down the road, in Dixon.

We left a little early, which helps with getting out of the parking lot across the street from the arena. I’m not sure if our daughter Laura thought it was past her kids bedtime or mine, but it was getting late.

When someone mentions that Jon Pardi is from Dixon, I like to chime in that his mother, Shelly, is from Winters. Same thing happens when Dustin Pedroia’s name comes up. His mother, Debbie was a year behind me in school but was years ahead of me in athletic ability. My father likes to tell people that her father, Phil Snow, was the best athlete that he ever saw playing tennis and baseball in Winters.

Woodland residents like to think that Dustin got his athletic talent from the Pedroia side of the family, but we know it is the Martinez/Snow genes that make him a great baseball player and athlete.

Both Jon and Dustin are known for being nice guys and I think that having Winters blood flowing through their veins helps a lot.

Now if we can just get Jon Pardi to play at The Palms for a fundraiser for the Winters and Dixon music programs, the world would be in perfect balance.

Start the rumor and have a good week.

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