“I don’t get it!”

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blank“I don’t get it!” Giving vent to his confusion and frustration, little three-year-old Holden, hands on hips, looked up at his mother and father and voiced his feelings. “I don’t get it. I just don’t get it!”

What did he not get? Why would a little guy express such confusion? Maybe we should ask, “Why not?”

Try being a not quite three-year-old, receiving all the loving attention of your parents, then finding yourself looking at a squirming, red-faced baby, and feeling replaced as this crying little thing in a blanket, has taken over the attention of your parents.

“This is your baby brother, Holden,” your mother and father say. Your response, “I don’t get it! I just don’t get it!”

One day his mother has a bulging tummy, the next day the tummy is gone and in its place, is this noisy “thing.”

“He’s ugly,” he says. The truth is he’s wrinkled, red-faced, and besides, sometimes he smells! He’s a newborn. And now he’s drinking from his Mama’s top.

Kind of hard to put yourself in the little guy’s place, isn’t it?

Reminds me of life—the culture, the perplexing events, the people, the anxieties, the heartaches, the ugliness, the disappointments. “I don’t understand, I don’t get it!”

We are thinking it, we may give voice to our feelings, “Why? Why is it so hard to find that just right job? Why does my child have this sickness? Why is there more month left than money near month’s end? Why this political chaos?” The questions crowd into our thinking? Are there answers? Explanations? “I don’t get it!” Different scenarios, circumstances, disappointments, concerns.

We’d really like answers. They are not always forthcoming. And now we are on the threshold of another year. Will it be more of the same?

For many, 2017 was disappointing, and they are the ones who find themselves giving vent to their frustrations.

Readers of this column know by now that I am a woman of faith. I make no apologies and stand by my convictions. And so, as I have laid aside the memories – good and bad – of the past year, even though I’ve had my share of heartaches and challenges, I take heart knowing that God is in control of my life and the universe. I can even believe and accept the fact that He entrusts these hard-to-understand events in my life to me.

I can talk to Him and convey in my prayers, “God, I don’t get it.”

So I commend to you that you look at Psalm 91 and Isaiah 43, and grasp onto that which will provide comfort, hope and what is needed to sustain and see you through the unknown days ahead.

These and many other Bible passages are a refuge for me. And, by the way, God doesn’t object if you, like my little great-grandson, and yes, his great-grandmother, sometimes cry out, “I don’t get it! I really don’t get it.”

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