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blankSome people keep their Christmas lights up longer than others. There are those that take their Christmas lights down two seconds after the last present is opened, and then there are people who like to leave their lights up for months. A neighbor around the corner and down the street leaves his lights up for years. He just turns them off between New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving.

There are a few Christmas trees still on display in people’s homes, but they won’t last forever. The trees will line our streets until Waste Management comes along and picks them up and takes them to a compost pile. It is a little sad to see the trees, stripped of their ornaments and lights, left all alone in the gutter. Another reason to have a plastic, or aluminum, tree.

I like the white lights that brighten up our downtown. If everyone would just use white lights for Christmas and leave them up, year-round, it might make Winters a happier place to live. I’m sure PG&E would vote for permanent outside lights on all our houses.

It is too late for my house this year; my lights came down a few days after Christmas, just before we left for Boise. I usually take them down on New Year’s Day, but there have been years when they make it a few days into the New Year. It brightens my mood just pulling into the cul-de-sac and seeing the house all aglow in color and white lights on the trees. Maybe next year I’ll try and take down just the colored lights and leave the tree lights on until the neighbors start whispering.

There must be a reason we don’t leave the lights up year-round. Most of us pay for our electricity on a time of use payment plan, making electricity cheaper in the middle of the night than it is at 4 in the afternoon. It can’t cost that much to have a few strings of LED lights on for a few hours every evening.

Maybe next year we will start a new trend in Winters. If we can light up tractors, why not our homes.

Debra is running a story on Taylor Buley this week. This will be two weeks that Taylor has been in our office, making decisions and trying to figure out how to make the Express a better newspaper. I’m watching, like everyone else, to see what he has planned for us.

He is proving to be quite the helpful handyman. He has solved a couple of our computer problems while helping a Spanish speaking customer without having to consult a dictionary or use sign language. I love his energy and I’m sure you will too.

I’ve let the rainfall contest go by the wayside this year. I usually start it with the first sign of rain, but this year I seem to be distracted. I’ve been watching the sun rise, walking around on green grass chasing a small white ball, amazed at the number of birds that don’t fly south for the winter. Everything but thinking about the rainfall contest.

For those who asked about the contest, maybe next year. I’ll be fully rested up by then.

Have a good week.

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