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Graphic: Winters Express
Graphic: Winters Express

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I would like to commend you and your staff on your very progressive and exciting newspaper. It appears that you have produced a newspaper that would be the pride of any community. You have brought us a new professional style and structure, while at the same time carrying on features that bring back memories.

My personal experience with the staff was very positive when I contacted them to make a suggestion related to adding a new feature for the newspaper. They took great interest in my suggestion and within a few days they had added this feature to the newspaper. I encourage readers to continue to support the Winters Express as this newspaper and its staff appear to be taking a deep interest in our community as they continue to give us local news, announcements and all the necessary information we need to stay aware of what is happening in our community.

A local newspaper plays a major role in the community and provides its readers with a resource like no other. Thank you for efforts…it is most appreciated.

Nancy McMenamin

The Express encourages readers to submit letters of general interest to the Winters community. All letters must be received by Monday at noon for consideration of publication in that week’s edition. To learn more about how to submit your letter to the Express, click here.


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