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On Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018, I was injured walking to my mother’s house. I was in the area in front of the Putah Creek Council Building at 107 Main Street when the incident happened. The blocks between Railroad Avenue and Second Street were cordoned off to prevent cars from traveling in the area where the parade was to take place. I crossed First Street (which was still cordoned off) and started walking toward Second St., passed Eagle Drug, and when I got near the Putah Creek Council Building, I decided to cross the street. I had stepped 1.5 feet into the street, intending to cross, when the rope suddenly came toward me, caught me, and slammed me down in the middle of the sidewalk. Some young girls walking ahead of me saw the whole incident. (I know they saw it because when a police officer asked me what happened, one told everything as it happened.) Then someone from behind yelled out, “I got the license plate. I got a picture.” Apparently, a car turned into the parking lot area between Eagle Drug and the Putah Creek Council Building, caught the rope with their car, and kept going, pulling the rope from all the way down the block, trapping me in it then slamming me down hard on the sidewalk. Someone ran to tell him to stop. I was still on the ground answering the police officer’s questions. The driver came over, stopped 8 feet from me, and shouted to the officer farthest from me: “I didn’t see it.” Since this incident I have suffered a lot of pain. I could not lay down/back for one month. The next day I could not hold a sheet of paper between my fingers. Today I still do not sleep well through the night due to the pain. I have to get up and move in spite of the pain. I write to ask that the witnesses who were ahead of me and behind me get in touch with me by phone, by email, 707-689-4145. I would like to talk to you. Thank you. Kathy Hemenway ]]>

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