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I look forward to seeing the results of streambed restoration in the Phase 3 area of the Putah Creek Nature Park.

The final phase of restoration in Winters will remediate an area of the creek that once served as a sewage holding pond. Decades of low flows have choked this section of the creek with sediment. The muck is several feet deep, and prevents safe recreational access to the water in this area.

In addition to having unsafe footing for people, the thick layer of sediment is not optimal habitat for native species. The creek bed is unsuitable for spawning trout and salmon due to lack of gravel.

The past few years, we have seen the amazing return of spawning salmon in the Phase 1 and 2 gravel areas, and I can’t wait to see spawning habitat expanded with the Phase 3 streambed restoration.

I also applaud continued efforts by the Solano County Water Agency and Putah Creek Council volunteers to repopulate the floodplain with native plants. The recent volunteer planting in Winters makes use of underground trenches prepared by SCWA to bring creek water to the roots of native seedlings.

The engagement of SCWA with scientific advisors and community volunteers, including students, in the restoration and management of Putah Creek is truly wonderful.


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