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It’s Labor Day weekend as I sit down to write, and that means one thing.

Well, two things.

One, I have once again not made it to Burning Man, because the Princess gene is just too strong in this one. Three days in the Nevada desert with blowing sand and no showers, and people with questionable hygiene and no sense of personal space… nah… I’ll just look at the pictures online.

Two, Labor Day weekend is one of summer’s bookends, signifying that summer’s over and we’re heading into fall. Theoretically. Mother Nature clearly didn’t get the memo. She’s cranking the furnace up past 110 this weekend.

Summer… love ya, babe. But you need to move along now. “Endless Summer” was a wonderful Beach Boys album, but in real life… not so much. So, yeah, I want to break up. It’s not you, it’s me, let’s stay friends, yadda yadda yadda, your stuff’s in a box by the door, and also, don’t call me because I’ve already blocked your number.

Hello, Autumn, you sexy beast!


Labor Day weekend. It’s the psychological line of demarcation between summer and autumn, (recalcitrant Mother Nature notwithstanding), and it’s when I clear out my junk drawer of stuff I meant to work into a whole column, but just didn’t get around to it

Here we go:

~  College students. Like the swallows of San Juan Capistrano, they’ll descend upon Davis very soon, and about half of them will nest at Fuji Chef.

Get off my sushi bar!

I recently reran a tongue-in-cheek grumbly column in the Davis Enterprise about the influx of students and some folks didn’t appreciate my salty humor, and were quite miffed. In particular, the “students spend a lot of money here, so anything they do is OK” rebuttal left me dumbfounded.


Money makes all things acceptable?

I’m a UCD alumni myself, and not only did I spend money in Davis then, having lived just down the road on Far West Covell Boulevard ever since, I continue to spend money there. Lots of money. Four cars, multiple home loans, clothes, groceries, books, theater tickets, gifts, shoes and shoe repair, camping supplies, pet food, you name it. I’m sure that I personally funded the Davis Food Co-op remodel.

So, having spent a ton more money over the years than your average transient starving college student (driving a Lexus while texting), am I entitled to do donuts on the Chancellor’s front lawn now?

I loved Karen Levy’s column in the Aug. 27 Enterprise, “Let’s all be accountable for our actions” — sort of a piggyback to my earlier rerun. Isn’t part of going to college learning how to be an adult? To actually participate in preventing students from learning how to grow up is a disservice. Cruel, even. These are UC Davis students. They know what it means to have the standard set high, and to meet it. The standard of socially acceptable public behavior needs to be nudged a bit higher than “you are super special and you can do no wrong as long as you give us money.”

The compassionate approach is to guide students toward adulthood rather than keep them developmentally delayed simply because they carry Daddy’s credit card around town for four years. That’s just sick and selfish. I thought you loved the students, Davis.

And again: Get off my sushi bar!

~  Speaking of sushi: There was a letter to the editor in the Enterprise complaining about the number of Asian restaurants in Davis was amazing. “Too much” Japanese, Chinese and Thai food? That’s an actual thing? Well, I have the solution: Relocate those surplus restaurants to Winters. I’ll personally roll out the red carpet. We do have one nice little Chinese place, but hordes of people are about to descend upon our little town, and our restaurants are already overwhelmed. And, just the thought of having a sushi or Thai restaurant at this end of Covell Boulevard makes me swoon.

Why? Well, for one: no students hogging the sushi bar and yakking on cell phones while people are waiting in line, or leaning right over you to grab sushi plates because you’re over 30 and completely invisible to them. And also, if we had a sushi or Thai place here, I won’t have to drive to Davis so much. You know… to spend more money. Seriously. I’m down there on Far East Grant Avenue all the time, week after week, year after year.

Do I have “peeing on the mayor’s bushes” privileges now, or am I still a Pad Thai dinner short?

~  Speaking of relocating restaurants: Caffe Italia — Winters wants you! More than that: Winters needs you! Ever try to go for breakfast on the weekend at Putah Creek Cafe? No? Bring a book and a snack to tide you over while you wait.

Oh, but for an Olive Oyl omelet of our very own…

It’s crowded now, but our restaurant overpopulation is poised to get exponentially worse. The PG&E training facility opens this month, two hotels will be constructed by next fall and a massive housing development is moving forward. You can only cram so many bodies into Steady Eddy’s. Getting a table at the Buckhorn on a Friday or Saturday without a reservation is more unlikely than hitting the lottery. We need more restaurants, and we need them pronto. In fact, we’ll welcome Caffe Italia and those Asian restaurants with open arms. We are really, really hungry over here!

For those of you Davis folks already anxious about losing your favorite Thai place, chill. You can just drive down to Far West Covell Boulevard, and there it’ll be. You know… just like how I drive to them in Davis now. And spend more money.

Which, of course, entitles me to head on over to downtown Davis and step out into traffic while texting on my phone, as cars screech to avoid running me down, which I can’t even hear because I have my earbuds on.

Oh, wow… those cars crashed! Sucks to be them!



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