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blankThe media and our fellow columnists have taken notice of the dramatic turmoil and unpleasant changes of 2017. Most prescribe further (destructive) action by our central government. From my perspective, the coming fights and nastiness may be our salvation.

When America was originally formed, the states were all-powerful as independent governments with a loose affiliation. At the time of the later Constitutional Convention, the founders were very afraid of democracy being “mob rule,” and individual freedoms lost. The key word at that time was “freedom.” That’s why our founders set the Constitution up with a three-fold concept of a Supreme Court, President and Congress, all with their own powers, and able to hamstring each other if too much power is exercised in one place.

What we are seeing now is the “hamstringing” of the entire central government system in present day America. This is as our founders wisely understood, the messy necessity of limits on power.

Power throughout history always led to corruption, evil, and dissolution. In my lifetime alone, there have been many many millions of citizens killed by their own governments in China, Germany and Russia, for example.

It’s going to be quite a ride, this colossal change we are seeing. We should end up with far fewer laws, these needing to be based on the two necessary elements of British Common Law: protection of the individual and his/her property, and an enforcement of contract (you do what you promise).

Of course, we need massively fewer regulations. I would vote for the central government getting no more than 5 percent of our tax dollar, and freedom-seeking more important than mob-rule democracy. Far-left socialism is unacceptable, just as far-right fascism.

My hope is that the New Year will continue to destruct the present paths and that the turmoil will result in something better than the usual fate of all of the estimated 140,000 governments since the Paleolithic Age, none of which eventually escaped revolution and failure.

Maybe the American Constitution is the best answer. The inane politicians of central government should not be telling us how we must live and what we must do, nor the “mob” of majority rule. Let’s get the money and power back to the states and communities. How about more tax money to the community than the state, and far more to the state than the central government!

Winters will rock!!

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