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Over the summer the Palms Playhouse has branched out from music to movies. This past week the old Winters Opera House turned into a temporary movie theater, complete with a big screen, comfortable chairs and refreshments. Cody Kyber started hosting these movie weekends in July, with several showings of “The Muppets Take Manhattan”. He chose the movie for its broad appeal, both to children and nostalgic adults. He didn’t just want to host a movie showing, he wanted to create a community event. Kyber is new to Winters, but he has a vision that many long time residents will recognize.  He hopes to keep hosting movie nights at the Palms Playhouse, then expand into trivia nights and other events that will provide opportunities to bring community members together. With an attitude like that, It’s not surprising that he felt an instant connection to Winters after accidentally driving through it. He and his wife had been living in Oakland for many years, and they were looking for a change. They found Winters. In Oakland Kyber had been involved with a group that hosted second-run movies at an old theater called The Parkway. The theater served food, and sat the audience in couches instead of high-backed theater chairs. He thought that this kind of movie theater could be a great edition to Winters’ entertainment scene. Kyber started working with Nora Cary and Andrew Fridae at the Palms, hoping to bring a variety of events to the venue. For a place that never seems to lack for shows and events, Winters has gone without a movie theater for decades. While the town will probably never see a complex the size of Brendan Theaters in Vacaville, Kyber is hoping that he can bring a few more movie viewing options to downtown Winters. Once these events gain popularity, he plans to start bringing second-run movies to the Palms. This past weekend Kyber hosted matinee and evening showings of ocean-themed movies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In the afternoons there were two showings of “Finding Nemo”, an animated story about a clown fish who goes searching for his son and meets a group of helpful vegetarian sharks. In the evenings they played “Jaws”, the classic summer blockbuster about an enormous great white with an unquenchable hunger for human flesh. Kyber had fun with the movie theme. He offered a one dollar discount for anyone who can dressed in a beach-themed costume, and served healthy summer inspired snacks. He hopes to put on more themed movie weekends in the future. Upcoming holidays like Halloween provide inspiration for movies that both children and adults will enjoy. Kyber is open to requests for both movies and snacks. He wants to engage a wider audience of movie goers, and he has the space to cater to them. For more information about upcoming movie showings at the Palms, visit]]>

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