Brad Schroeder crowned Mr. Warrior

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Once upon a time, there were eight Winters High School students who dreamed of becoming Mr. Warrior.

On Wednesday, March 20, friends, family and peers filled the Winters High School gymnasium as Jaxson Davis, Jorgeluis Fernandez, Andrea Gonzalez, Javier Guzman, Dalton Lowrie, Gavino Montano, Paulo Leal Santana and Mason Schroeder shared their favorite bedtime stories and fought their way through four rounds of competition.

Each participant was required to represent the spirit of a class or club at Winters High School, prepare a skit, show off a talent and answer an impromptu question based on a classic bedtime story.

The Freshmen class was represented by Schroeder, who had the crowd rolling with laughter with his dramatic version of Little Red Riding Hood. In the talent segment, Schroeder let the music take over as he went from head-bobbing and swaying into full-body, stage-crossing, disco-like dance moves in a tribute to the legendary Napoleon Dynamite.

Fernandez literally bent over backwards to represent the Sophomore class. He jumped, tumbled and flipped every time he got on stage, leaving the crowd in awe of the gymnastic skills he displayed in both the skit and talent portion of the competition.

The Junior class picked Davis as their representative. He was determined to prove to the judges that he would do anything for the crown. He showed his bravery and smarts through his skit as he fought an evil wizard to save Princess Rosey. In the talent portion, his basketball skills and rendition of “Ain’t No Mountain High” left the crowd speechless.

Guzman brought magic to the gymnasium as he represented the Senior class. Granting wishes for Aladdin in his well thought-out skit was amateur magic compared to the card performance that had the judges so enthralled they couldn’t remember what cards they pulled from the deck.

This year’s FFA chapter was represented by their president Lowrie, who left the crowd stunned as he seamlessly rapped every word of Green Eggs and Ham to a beat. Dr. Seuss would have been proud, as his books were created for the sole purpose of making reading a thrilling experience.

Santana poured his heart and soul into the competition as he represented the ASB class, performing a classic rendition of the Three Little Pigs for his skit. In the talent portion, the crowd lit up the gymnasium with their cell phones as Santana sang, “Hurt” by Johnny Cash.

Montano represented the Interact club the best way he knew how, through humor. His modern day twist on “Little Red Gavino-Hood” was one for the books, but it was his musical performance that won the crowd over. Montano showed off his impressive vocal range as he sang “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie.

Last but not least, Friends Without Borders was represented by Gonzalez, who performed a skit about a woman who fell apart and ended her life after being left by her husband. Gonzalez didn’t approve of this ending, so she empowered the woman to get over the heartbreak and not let the opinion of a man define her.

After a night filled with laughter, talent and heartfelt performances, the judges had the impossible task of choosing a winner.

The judges didn’t come by their decision easily, but at the end of the night it was Schroeder that came out on top, earning the title of Mr. Warrior. Gonzalez took second place and the title of Miss Congeniality, followed closely by Lowrie in third and Santana in fourth.


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