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Dear Charley, Pokey, et. al.

I wish to extend my personal condolence to each of you and to the Wallace family et. al. Newt is a fixture in the history of Winters, California — not only in the weekly publication of the Winters Express but also within the community. His presence can not be replaced.

As the runner-up in the first Winters Express subscription drive contest, I enjoyed working for the goal of increased subscribers to our local newspaper. The subscription drive awarded the winner a brand new two-wheel Schwinn bike.

I placed second in the final tally — missing first place by $0.50. However, the powers-that-be did award the second place subscription drive sale person a consolation prize of a Schwinn bike — which I still have.

From my participation in the Winters Express subscription drive, this grammar school student learned self-confidence and the ability to make a sale pitch for a product that would benefit his community. In addition to the self-development, I had the opportunity to meet many of the original Winters community families — face to face. It was a great introduction to the community and its personalities  —  the town in which I grew up.

My family roots predate the City of Winters establishment (post Buckeye), but Winters and Yolo County  are still our (Chapman/Scott)  family’s starting point in California: George Walker Chapman (1829-1909), Zilphia A. Stephens (1848-1921), George Washington Scott (1828-1912), Amaratta “Emma” Bloomer (1834-1925), William John Cannedy (1828-1915 ); Ellen Cloughesey Noon (1830-1912), and not to be omitted our other family ties with the Briggs, Ely, Fenley and Richards families.

So, keep printing the 100 Year+ columns for the old-timers

And all of this was done before the toasted cheese sandwiches (served to the Wallace boys on their way to grammar school;. Margaret Scott Chapman cooking and George W. Chapman with his luncheon introduction question: “What are your parents fighting about?” Some of the answers were better than the publication.




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