New black belts at Javier Martial Arts

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By SIFU LOUIE JAVIER/Special to the Express

Jake Pearce, son of Joey and Laura Pearce, started his Javier Martial Arts training on Aug. 8, 2012 at a very young age in the beginner’s class. He earned his first degree Black Belt on Feb. 1, after six years of training.

Also earning his Black Belt after five years of training is Spencer Stewart, son of Ken and Dawn Stewart. He started studying with Javier Martial Arts in September 2013.

To a martial artist, being a Black Belt is not just a belt that goes around our waist, it’s a state of mind, attitude and personal excellence.

In order to succeed at Javier Martial Arts, students must use the three A’s as basic requirements:  Attitude (positive), Attendance (consistency) and Ability (100 percent effort), and they don’t get rewarded for bad behavior.

These key factors contribute to our student’s progress.  Goal setting is a necessary road map for a successful life.

On the road to receiving their Black Belt, Jake and Spencer gained the experience and feeling of success by earning progressively higher ranks in their martial arts careers. They will take this knowledge on life skills and self-discipline, and apply it to the rest of their lives.

Jake and Spencer are martial artists that makes themselves do what they need to do, not what they want to do. There is no doubt they will succeed at whatever path they take in life.

Congratulations, Jake Pearce and Spencer Stewart.

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