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I have heard increasing concern and anxiety over the role of local law enforcement related to immigration and the undocumented residents of our state. In light of the climate of fear being created by the federal government, it is important to address some of the questions that have been posed to me recently.

The Yolo County Sheriff’s Office has not changed a single policy or practice as a response to the new administration, nor have we been directed to do so. The primary focus of this agency is public safety, and it is imperative that we maintain the trust of the public as we work toward keeping the residents of this county safe.

It is counterproductive to have groups of people fearful of our deputies simply because of their immigration status. We view immigrant communities as people we are sworn to serve and protect, and our patrol deputies do not participate in immigration enforcement.

Additionally, the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office does not hold any inmate past his or her scheduled release date without a legal warrant signed by a federal judge. To do so would be a violation of law.

The Yolo County Sheriff’s Office will continue to respect and abide by the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the State of California. The motto of our organization, “Service without limitations,” dictates that we shall serve and protect the citizens and residents of Yolo County.


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