Our country deserves better than a childish, misogynistic pig for president

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I had an amazing column on deck for this week, but you’ll have to wait, because as I sit down to write on this lovely Friday morning, I can’t get the latest outrage-du-jour out of my mind.

On the June 29 Morning Joe program, Joe Scarborough’s co-anchor Mika Brzezinski had the audacity to ridicule Donald Trump for creating fake Time magazine covers of himself, touting his wonderfulness. Brzezinski, although poking fun, was spot-on. Trump is the PRESIDENT, and his ego is still so fragile and insatiable, he creates fake magazine covers of himself. It’s sad, it’s pathetic, and, moreover, it’s sick. “Mentally ill” sick.

This well-deserved ridicule didn’t sit well with the Toddler in Chief, who immediately flung himself to the floor in a fit of rage, pooped his extra-large diapers, grabbed his cell phone and got his fat, tiny thumbs a-tapping.

He went for blood. Again. Literally. Remember when he belittled former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, saying she had “blood coming from her eyes, and her… wherever.” (My God, that was last summer, and it feels like a decade. We’re enduring this nightmare presidency in dog years.) Anyone with an IQ higher than celery will recognize that Trump was implying that Kelly was just another cranky woman on her period — an outrageously sexist put-down. Time and again, Trump has shown disdain for smart, tough women who aren’t remotely impressed with him or interested in him sexually.

People. “Misogyny” isn’t always overt. It’s not just about men who beat their wives every weekend because their dinner got cold. Misogyny is an enduring, pernicious contempt for women that expresses itself in sexist speech, behavior and decision-making — which summarizes how Trump has lived his life. To him, women are just sex toys and decorations — nothing more. He values women on a scale from “Total Dog” to “Spread You Legs.”

How does it feel, daddies, to know that our President looks at your daughters that way?

Last week, he attacked Brzezinski — who has been a role model for encouraging women to own their value in the workplace and beyond, and who is anything but “low I.Q.” and “crazy,” as Trump tweeted. But the kicker was when he went for the blood again, claiming Brzezinski was “bleeding badly from a face-lift” while attempting to crash his New Year’s Eve party, to which he denied entry to both her and Scarborough.

Here’s the thing: It’s all lies. Brzezinski and Scarborough responded in a Washington Post opinion piece the next day, and declared that there wasn’t a word of truth to any of it. Not one! “Mental illness,” people. There’s no other explanation.

Thankfully, this latest tweet-storm seems to have been the tipping point. Congressional Republicans hung their thumbs in their pockets, whistled and looked the other way when Trump insulted Kelly, Carly Fiorina and Hillary Clinton, fat-shamed a former beauty queen and called her “Miss Housekeeping” because she’s Hispanic, and declared that he is entitled to grab any woman between the legs because he’s just that privileged, rich and entitled.

Possibly worst of all, there wasn’t a Republican peep when Trump disgraced German Chancellor Angela Merkel, right in front of the cameras. They were asked to shake hands and Merkel leaned in, but Trump ignored her and looked the other way. Is it because she ranks closer to “Total Dog” than “Spread Your Legs”? Although that international slight didn’t make Republicans cringe, the Brzezinski tweets seem to have done it. Republicans are finally objecting, albeit very politely. The consensus reaction is “disappointment.”



Not “outraged” or “disgusted” or “appalled”?

Just disappointed?

Like how you feel when they’re out of blueberry muffins at the bakery and you have to get poppyseed instead?


Republicans would have exploded in self-righteous fury had Barack Obama uttered just one of the things Trump has said about women. They’d have gone completely ballistic. The hypocrisy is stunning.

Oh, what a difference skin color makes.

Dear Congressional Republicans: Forget disappointment. You should be horrified. As should we all. Trump disgraces our country over and over, and on the occasion of celebrating Independence Day, the June 30 cover of the New York Daily News captured our collective disgrace: a bald eagle hanging its head. Underneath, it says, simply, “Humiliation.”

So succinct. Because, you see, the fallout from Trump’s blatant misogyny isn’t really about sparring matches with TV anchorwomen or celebrities or political opponents. His disgusting words and behavior not only humiliate women — they humiliate our entire country. Our president is our poster child to the world, and our poster child is a disgusting chauvinistic pig.

Frankly, I pity Melania Trump most of all. I wonder what sort of iron-clad prenuptial contract Trump penned to keep her from running away screaming like her hair’s on fire — as any woman with a shred of self-respect would. When I look at Melania, I see a very pampered, very abused woman. And their young son, Barron. Poor little fellow. He appears to be in a stupor most of the time — his eyes and face are completely expressionless, like a hostage who’s given up hope. I feel truly sorry for them both, because they are experiencing on a personal, intimate level what we, as a nation, are also experiencing: the strain of being under the thumb of a cruel and childish tyrant.

Trump insults women. Takes advantage of them. Ranks them by physical appearance. Grabs them whether they want it or not. When threatened, he responds by singling women out and attacking them. Joe Scarborough noted that he’s challenged and criticized Trump over and over and over, but Trump didn’t have the spine to take on Scarborough, who would verbally destroy him. But when a woman ridiculed him, he was compelled to attack her.

You know what? Trump’s not simply a misogynistic pig. He’s a coward. A bully. And every day he remains in the White House, he defiles our country. We deserve better. Far, far better.


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