News Brief: State law protects hotel guest, bus passenger records from disclosure

The bill sought to protect undocumented migrants who were targeted for arrest in Arizona, Washington through similar records

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routinely gave information about Latino guests to federal agents. Senate Bill 1194 prohibits temporary lodging companies and bus services from providing information about guests or passengers to third parties either orally, in writing or electronically without a court order or warrant signed by a judge. The bill makes an exception for California peace offers, but that same exemption does not apply to federal officers, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials or Customs and Border Patrol agents. “Invasions of privacy have been particularly devastating for immigrant communities, where this disclosure has resulted in arrests and deportations across the country,” Lara said in a press release on Thursday. “[The law] ensures that California hotel guests and bus passengers have the privacy they expect for their personal information.” Senator Bill Dodd and Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry both voted in favor of a version of the bill that was signed by the governor on Thursday.]]>

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